Saturday, May 1, 2010

Families that run together

are attacked by bpaskeetoes together.

Spring/summer finally returned to our region yesterday. Just in time because the 40 degree weather with freezing rain was really starting to get under my skin. Literally.

On our way home from work, Rich suggested that we bring the girls out for a run. Or walk. He needed to get a run in. I have only been running every other night as I try to ease my body back into running and I had run four miles Thursday night. I am getting some half decent runs in but when Rich and Grammy ask how my run went, I usually respond with, "I'm not going to say it was easy..." So you can imagine that I was a bit undecided if I should push it and run again the very next night.

We have a triple Baby Jogger and a single Baby Jogger - both excellent and highly recommended by me. I decided to go and run a few miles with one of the girls in the single stroller so Rich would only have two in the triple stroller. Plus, I am always up for a challenge.

I ran two miles and I was stickaforkinme done. I still haven't replaced the battery in my "running" watch so I have no idea what my pace was but I think it was faster than I have been running. That is the problem with treadmill running, my friends.

Rich escaped for some evening shopping after the girls went to sleep last night and returned home with two birthday cake Friend-zeees. You better believe I felt I deserved it. Just like I deserved the bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle I scarfed down for breakfast.

Well, Allie has become quite adept at caring for her toileting needs in the morning, including throwing away her (almost always dry) pull-up. This morning she strolled into the family room to tell us that she had seen Mommy and Daddy's ice cream in the trash. Busted!

Okay, onto some cuteness.

Allie insisted on wearing her boots.

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That didn't last for long. And bringing the camera along has taught me that I cannot concentrate on both running and photography at the same time.

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I love this one as it captures Allie pretending to fly as I was running. Note that she could only outstretch one arm as the other cradled Elmo.

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And yes, we have been inundated with mosquitoes already.


Ami said...

Good for you for running! I'm so excited to hear that you love your triple jogger, as someone I met for the first time today gave me a triple jogging stroller that she no longer used! How generous!! And the babies seem to love it! Also, you should still feel pretty good that your photography while running is WAY better than most people's NOT running! :)

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I have started running again recently...nothing very structured, maybe 3-mile runs two or three times a week. I also get our girls out for a very brisk walk in our Bob jogging stroller five or six days a week.'er the twain shall meet! At least not yet. :) I will run a quarter of a mile or so with the girls in the stroller, but that's about all I can muster. Even with such a great jogger, that's hard work!

So yes, you definitely deserved the ice cream AND the McD's!

susanne13 said...

i am assuming a friend-zzzz is ice cream??? i am signed up for a half marathon this sunday...mother's day...wish me luck :)