Thursday, April 1, 2010


I have this long, detailed post planned regarding all of the easy transitions we have had with the girls. Basically to justify why their sleep issues really aren't that big of a deal considering how easy most other things have been. I'll have to write it on a day when I am not exhausted.

Em has had a very minor cold this week but it has disrupted her sleep for the past three nights and, in our house, if Baby Chick isn't sleep well, Mommy isn't sleeping well.

The cold seems to have moved over to Allie, who now has her two-year molars coming in. She hasn't been sleeping well and is currently sleeping on the couch next to me while I anxiously await Rich's arrival home from The Girls' College Fund, which had a flooded basement. Which knocked out the furnace. Which means no heat or hot water. Which means our tenants are staying at a hotel tonight. I really shouldn't complain considering that there are many who lost their homes and belongings.

The weather for this weekend looks fantastic, which means that Rich and I will have to rotate between catching up on sleep and bringing the girls outside to play. And tire themselves out. We have a very busy, exciting day planned for Easter!

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Wendy said...

woohoo!! I hope your home is germ-free and quiet soon! Happy Easter :)