Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap - (most of) Sunday

Emily and Allie were awake quite early Easter morning. Because the bunny hid their baskets in the family room, we needed to quietly wait for Anna to wake up before we headed downstairs. As of late, Emily's favorite show is Super Why. (We only allow the girls to watch PBS and Sprout.) Rich and I turned the television on in our room in an attempt to keep the two monkeys quiet while I tried to finish up the ironing. Emily could hardly contain her excitement when she discovered that Super Why was on PBS at 7:00.

Emily loves that show so much that some days the first thing she says to me in the morning is, "Mommy, can I watch Super Why?" I suppose it's not that big of a deal considering the other crap she could be watching.

The girls had fun finding their baskets and, much to my delight, they were able to read the name tags so there was no fighting over the baskets. I was also happy to see that the girls didn't need to have these huge, overflowing baskets to be happy.

After breakfast, we headed out to the yard with our jammies on to see if the bunny had left any eggs out there.

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We rushed inside to shower and dress the girls in their Easter outfits. And then I took photos.

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How could I not take photos!

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Unfortunately, we were running late (when do we not run late?) so I did not have nearly as much time as I would have liked to mess around with the camera.

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After our ten minute mini photo session, we headed to Rich's mom's house, where the girls had a fabulous time with their Grandma.

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We then packed up again to head over to Grammy and Papa's house. The girls will be three years old next week but their car seats are still rear facing and I am admitting that it is a total hassle but I continue to keep them rear facing because they are so small and they fit into the requirements for rear facing with their car seats.

Allie, who was sitting in the third row of the van, was fussing so much that I had to climb back there to sit with her. She told me that she was tired and hungry and then she started dry heaving. Now, if you have ever had to clean vomit from a car seat then you understand why I was willing to do everything in my power to keep Allie from throwing up. A few crackers into arriving at Grammy's and she was fine. Thank goodness.

I have to mention also that Anna showed much improvement on Sunday. So much so that I stopped worrying about her shunt. Although, I can never fully stop worrying. There mostly likely will come a day when Anna will need to have surgery to revise her shunt. We are extremely lucky in that Anna has only had to have her shunt corrected once and it was within days of her original surgery. There are many babies and toddlers out there who have had to have multiple surgeries at very young ages. (Just like Nicole's sweet Annabelle.)

There is a bit more about Easter but I will have to post that later. The end of Easter day was a bit rough for Allie. Let's just say that it deserves its own post.


Aimee said...

Hi Sarah! I have been reading your blog for awhile and I was wondering, where did the title "The Great Umbrella Heist" come from? I wonder everytime I see it! :)

JEN said...

Fanatstic pictures. My daughter was getting carsick and I had to turn her around. It really helped.

Glad you enjoyed your Easter!

The bad thing about Super WHY is that theme - "super Why, super why...." It runs through my head ALL day.

Jacinta said...

You've outdone yourself with those outfits! They are so cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments!

Aimee - It was just something I made up to have a unique name.