Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thank you, Old Navy clearance!

Armed with my Friends & Family 30% off, I hit Old Navy this evening in search of clothing for myself. I did find a shirt and a dress and picked up two new pairs of flip flops. I then decided to look through the clearance section for the girls to see what I could pick up in size 4T (or 3T for bottoms.) I walked away with all of this for the girls for only $42.50:

4 fall/winter dresses
1 pair of leggings
1 pair of fleece lined jeans
1 jean jumper
5 shirts
1 tank top


mie said...

I envy your shopping skills!

JEN said...

Yeah baby! If I had a Gap near me, I would have used the coupon there too. The Toddler sections was really picked over so for once, the child got nothin..

Esther and Brian said...

How awesome...what is Friend&Family, though? You mind letting us know, please? thanks...


Sarah said...

Friends & Family - often stores will send out coupons to those who are on their mailing lists or have their store credit cards and refer to it as Friends & Family.