Sunday, March 28, 2010

I hate this time of year.

Call me pessimistic. Call me grumpy.

I hate this time of the year.

March. Spring in New England.

I have spent my entire life here so I know that it's going to happen but it doesn't make it any easier. We experience a long, cold winter and then slowly, oh so very slowly, temperatures start to creep up. And then a warm front rolls through and we have three days with temperatures in the sixties and seventies. And then it is cold again. And rainy. Oh, so very rainy. And it will be another month or so before we feel weather that warm.

Last Saturday (as in over a week ago), the high temperature of the day was 74 degrees. 74 degrees! It was absolutely beautiful. The girls could play outside without jackets on. We could walk outside without shivering. We could enjoy the sun. That was day three of warmth. The temperature dropped on Sunday.

I am so looking forward to warm weather. I am finished with winter. See ya next year. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is somewhat warm for Bunny Day as we have big plans. Bunny Day around here is very unpredictable. It could be warmish. It could be freezing. It could snow. Let us not forgot the snowflakes during the girls' birthday party last year.

Here are the girls waiting for Daddy to take them on a run last week.

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Look at how much they have grown! This is from May of 2008.

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They are sitting in the same order too.


Liz said...

Here in Michigan we get pretty much the same weather you described. I am sooooooo over it too! Love the hats your girls are wearing! Where did you find them?

JEN said...

Adorable pictures!
Yes I am very ready for some nice weather. I grew in N. Mich and very often we would have snow on Easter, so no Easter Dresses.

Sarah said...

Liz - I picked up those hats last year at the Children's Place.

Cat said...

They're not only bigger, but clearly happier about being in the stroller at all!