Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elmo smells like pineapple

Elmo is a VIM (Very Important Monster) in our house.

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He is cuddled all night long.

He shares Allie's high chair at meal time.

He occasionally wears dresses, headbands, underwear and diapers. (Okay, maybe this is a bit torturous for him. Who knows though, he may enjoy it.)

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He plays games and watches television from the safety of Allie's arms.

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He has books read to him all the time. (I have to note how adorable Allie is. When I leave her room each night, she always has a book in her hand and says, "I'm gonna read this book to Elmo.")

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He is cradled while Allie sings Rock-a-bye baby to him.

In return, Elmo allows Allie to wipe her tears and snot on him.

I usually wait for Elmo to be a two steps away from reaching the point of no return before he "takes a tubby." It can difficult to pry him away from Allie for the time needed to run him through the wash and then the dryer and then air dry time. This Elmo orginally talked until he was dismantled (aka batteries removed) after he kept waking us up in the middle of the night exclaiming, "Yippee-ki-i." His body is hard, not like a stuffed animal.

For some gross reason, Elmo smells like pineapple to me when he is absolutely filthy. (I know. Gross.) I realized at the end of last week that Elmo needed a bath and he needed one as soon as possible.

Allie helped by throwing him into the washing machine along with some clothes. Every five minutes she would ask if his tubby was finished. He was still a bit damp after he ran through the dryer but I gave him to her anyway as she was having a breakdown over going to the store with Rich. (I think her molars are getting ready to come in.) She did not like the fact that Elmo was still damp and had us put him on top of the piano to dry.

After Elmo's tubby, a grubby Little Lion had his turn.

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mie said...

Do you have a backup Elmo or Piggy for Allie and Emily?

Kari said...

That is adorable. I really expected my son to develop a thing for a stuffed animal, and he didn't.... Like I said, VERY adorable! :)

Mackenzie said...

Since Allie has an Elmo and Emily has Piggy does Anna have anything that she holds on to

Helen said...

LOL @ wipe her tears and snot on him!

Sounds like Jackson's blanket. Nasty thing...

Sarah said...

We have another Elmo (wasn't meant to be a back-up). No extra Piggy. Believe me, I make sure that they never leave my sight. I try to leave them in the car when we go out - if not, I make sure they are with us before we leave stores, etc.

Anna doesn't have a favorite lovie like Allie and Em. She likes dolls over fuzzy things and does play with dolls but she changes up who is her favorite. And she is not as attached.

Cheryl Lage said...

This is about the most precious thing ever. Our Sarah (She-Twin) had a Count (from Sesame Street) that she toted similarly everywhere. This post warmed every heart cockle memory imaginable.

Thank you. :)