Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ug. Sleep.

Allie has another cold. She started off the night last night snoring and then, of course, when Rich and I attempted to go to bed woke up and was just having a tough time. We plopped her into our bed, which usually works for Allie. Last night, it did not. Finally around 1:00 am after she whacked Rich in the face with Elmo, he brought her downstairs to sleep.

I then had to attend to Em, who had been awakened by Allie's fussing. I really didn't go to sleep until 2:00 am so it was really awesome when Em woke up at 5:34 looking for a book. I plopped her into the bed with me and tried SO HARD to get her to fall back asleep. Did not happen. It was partly my fault in that she has been sleeping through the night without wetting her diaper so when she told me that she had gone, I told her that we would take care of it later. Well, she hadn't gone. She had TO GO.

I gave up on her falling back asleep at 6:30 and turned the t.v. on. I napped while she watched Curious George and Sesame Street. Anna awakened around 7:30. Mommy brought the two monkeys downstairs to join Allie and then raced back to bed. Having a wonderful husband is, well, wonderful.

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mie said...

Hope Allie is feeling better soon!