Monday, February 8, 2010

Story of my life

Right now.

Direct quotes (or close enough) from Emily. Tonight.

"Look at us. We have lots of boogies stuck in our throat."

"I was trying to wake up Anna."

"I tried really hard to press the big button." (There is a gate in Anna's doorway and Em was trying to open it to get to a sleeping Anna.)

There is stuff I need to do but I need for the girls to be asleep so that I'm not running up and down two flights of stairs. There was no nap today. Allie and Em are still awake. It is 9:00 pm.

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Esther and Brian said...

It's never-ending with multiples, let alone triplets, I am sure! They say the funniest things- they crack me up. :) Hope the girls sleep well tonight!