Thursday, February 25, 2010

Housekeeping, I suppose. With updates. Or something like that.

A few readers have left me questions in the comments section of some posts and although I have been trying to answer them as they appear, there are a few outstanding so I thought that I would just address them in this post.

Kathleen wants to know what we pack to take on small outings and longer trips.

Well, we haven't had too many outings as of late due to it being winter here in New England. Here is a list of what I pack when we do leave the house for an extended period of time (think Anna's doctor's appointments at the hospital):
  • Diapers
  • Wipes (we leave a container in the van at all times)
  • Cath kits
  • Old receiving blankets to use as a clean diaper changing/cathing area
  • Sippy cups
  • Juice boxes
  • Snacks (usually fishies in three little Take 'n' Toss containers)
  • Extra clothes (in case a toddler vomits in the van)
  • Plastic grocery bags (for dirty diaper and cath kit disposal)
  • Big ziploc bags (to use for transporting vomit-ridden clothes)

We have never been on an extended/overnight trip with the girls so I really can't address that part of the question.

Do you all realize that I have never been away from the girls overnight? Complete change of subject, I know, but think about that. I have slept in the same house and cared for triplets every. single, night. for almost three years. Rich and I have attempted to plan overnight trips, adults only, a few times but never followed through. One of the main reasons is Anna's cathing situation. You have to be trained to care for her. That leaves Grammy and we all know how much Grammy helps us already.

Okay, back to questions. Samantha wants to know where I get the tutus from.

I made the girls' tutus! It really is not that difficult and I had thought about doing a post showing step by step with pictures as to how I made them. Maybe I'll get to that post some day.

Okay, I think that was all. If I have missed answering a question, please let me know. I tend to lose track of things these days.

And stay tuned for pictures of Emily from a test photo shoot. Tomorrow. Maybe.

Oh, I was going to give a running update too so I might as well throw it in here. I am into my second week of Back on Track Running (yes, I made that up) and it is going well, I think. I have been a bit afraid to push myself too hard too fast as I fear an injury so I have been taking it slow. I am up to two miles and, believe me, having to say that I ran two miles last night is so lame to me. I'll make it less lame by adding that I don't walk/run - straight out running only. I'll find out how bad it all is when Rich and I find some races to run this spring.


Anonymous said...

what is cathing?

Sarah said...

catheterizing - emptying the bladder.

Cassie said...

I have never spent the night away from my boys either! Eeek! But we have taken several overnight trips together. You should plan a family trip, I bet you would enjoy it :) Our diaper bag is just like yours, but the change of clothes and bag are for potty accidents. And we have a first aid kit, mandatory with boys :)

Cassie said...

Well, minus the cathing supplies..

Samantha said...

I have never spent the night away from my trips either! I don't know why I am hesitant. I'm afraid that I will miss them too much and want to go home.
Thanks for the tutu answer. I will definitely look for a tutorial from you ;)