Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick kids and a baptism

So I'm going to start this post not knowing if I am going to be able to finish it today. It may have to be continued tomorrow as the girls are still sick and accomplishing much of anything around here has been tough this past week. Anna is doing much better but still coughs here and there and has more snot than she should. She finally figured out how to blow her nose, which is the cutest thing in the world. She bends her head back and then dramatically throws it forward as she blows out. And she likes to run while she's doing this.

Emily is improving but still not eating as much as she should. She was more playful today and not as pale as she was over the weekend. She still sounds very congested in the nose area and I think it is affecting her sleeping. Allie is on day three of being very sick. She isn't coughing as much but I think her throat is very sore from snot drainage. She hasn't been eating enough and her fever is still all over the place.

I feel horrible that they have been so sick. They have never been this sick before and not only does it freak me out, I hate to see them so miserable.

My niece, Maggie, was baptized this past Sunday. I was so excited because not only am I her Godmother but a lot of my family was scheduled to be there and we don't see each other very often. Some of them have only seen the girls a handful of times. I was disappointed that the girls were sick and then annoyed with myself for being upset about that. There are far worse situations to be in than having kids sick with a virus.

So remember those pictures of Em and Allie that I posted from Sunday morning? Yeah, even in that condition we decided to see if they would be able to attend. Rich and I took two separate cars with the thought that if Allie and Em were too sick, Rich could just move some car seats around and take them home. We also thought that it may help them get out of that sick funk by getting out of the house.

Before you all go thinking that we are the evil people that bring sick kids out in public to contaminate the rest of the world, I checked with my brother first. They had all just been sick with something very similar and there weren't many people at the church. Being the Godmother, I was sitting with Baby Maggie during the mass/ceremony and I couldn't help but turn around and check on the girls every two minutes. They were wonderful. Allie sort of fell asleep sitting on Rich's lap.

And then it was off to Grammy and Papa's for a party. This is when it all started to fall apart for Allie. She really needed a nap. We had made the decision well in advance that this would be a day that the girls would just skip nap, seeing as they skip it half the time anyway. That was before they were sick though. Poor Allie sat on the couch and moaned almost the entire time that we were there. I felt really bad for her. Nothing and no one could comfort her.

I had slept downstairs with Emily Saturday night while Rich cared for Allie upstairs. Sunday morning he told me that he hadn't sleep much as Allie had been awake most of the night. By late Sunday afternoon, Allie was a complete mess. I have never seen her that way. She fell asleep in the van on the way home but would wake herself up with this horrible scratchy, gagging cough.

Okay, enough about the sickness. I hope to have a better update tomorrow. I did take some pictures on Sunday and should have them edited and posted tomorrow as well. It would have been nice if the girls could have really enjoyed themselves on Sunday. Instead, my four year old niece, Beth, stood next to the couch rubbing Allie's leg hoping to make her feel better.

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Esther and Brian said...

Hope the girls recover soon...not fun with have sick kiddos, especially when it's times two or three...