Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Anna's Baby

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Anna's baby, the newest addition to our family.

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She was gifted to Anna by Aunt Amelia and Uncle Don, her godparents, on Christmas. Aunt Amelia had the same doll when she was young and she wanted Anna to enjoy this special doll just as she had. And Anna has been enjoying her time with her new baby.

The problem, if you want to call it a problem, is that Anna's baby has an aunt who loves her very, very, very much. An Aunt Allie to be more specific.

Aunt Allie is constantly asking to play with Anna's baby. And she calls her just that. "Anna's baby." The girls haven't quite figured out the doll naming thing yet and if I ask them what a doll's name is, they will inevitably reply with "Mommy" so I decided to name this doll Alexandra because she is a Madame Alexander doll. But when call her Alexandra, Allie corrects me by saying, "No, her name is Anna's baby."

I walked into the family room the other day to find this. Which I thought was so adorable, by the way.

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Allie with Anna's baby.

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Both Allie and Anna like to read to her. They will have her sit on a pillow next to them while they read books. Again it is very adorable.

There was a bit of tugging on the heart strings the other day as I watched Allie lift Anna's baby up into the air while exclaiming, "You're my little sweetie." Do I need to say it? Yes, it was almost too adorable to witness. (I'm wondering how many times I can use the word adorable in this post.)

I'll end the adorableness with Alexandra's middle name: SHARE.


Jayme said...

So sweet, I love watching girls with their babies :)

lizzybee122 said...

There's nothing more adorable to watch than a little girl with her "baby". My niece is obsessed with her babies, and it's so cute to see how great she already is at being a mommy. I love the pictures of Allie with Anna's baby - she's so sweet!

Heather said...

Those girls get cuter every time I see them.

Wendy said...

omg that is so cute. What a nice Auntie Allie! How kind of Anna to share her baby <3

Dale said...

I see baby doll diaper bags in your future. Next time I am sewing - I will whip out three for your girls. When they are done - I will let you know !! Did only Anna get a doll?

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Dale - The girls received other dolls (MANY) in addition to the ones that they already had. And Santa brought them each a baby Graco nursery set, which did include a diaper bag - LOL. They are still a bit more interested in Little People than dolls - except for Allie with Anna's baby. And Elmo. But thank you for the offer!

Dale said...

Good to know that you have enough babies ( and diaper bags) in your house..... like you didn't already. I laugh at my 3 grandgirls - they are out of high chairs and soon to be out of cribs and yet now their house is full of baby doll high chairs, pack-n-plays, cradles and bathtubs. Oh my - I am so thankful I am just the grandmother !! How fun.

KrisFlower said...

Hi I found your blog from a post on the photography board on the bump! I love all of these photos but the second one is my favorite!