Thursday, December 17, 2009

You're tired too! Baaahaaahaaa

Grammy and I embarked on a mini shopping excursion this evening. We were almost completely out of baby wipes and there wasn't enough milk for breakfast. I also decided to use the opportunity to finish up some Christmas shopping.

I picked up a few items at Old Navy. I am in need of clothes myself but was too lazy to try anything on. I was very excited though to pick up another fleece pullover. I have a pink one that I purchased at the Gap outlet store several years ago. I wear that thing every. single. night. It has reached the point that if I am not wearing it, the girls think that I am (or we are) going somewhere. Em refers to it as "Pink."

I needed to purchase a gift card and I noticed a sign with the gift cards that stated through today, December 17th, shoppers would receive 15% off of their purchase if they loaded at least $40 onto a gift card. I have learned my lesson over the years and I ALWAYS watch what is being rung up by the cashier. Yes, she missed the 15%. Once I pointed it out she apologized and corrected my total. I do have to say that I have had a very pleasant experience this year shopping. Maybe it is because I go during off times but I haven't had any parking issues and people have been polite. UNTIL I hit the sporting goods store.

I had picked out a clothing item and noted the sale sign above it stating that the item was 50% off and would be $22.48. I even checked the tags to ensure that it was the correct item and not accidentally dumped there. There was a big red sales sticker on the item that said $39.99. I had to wait in a very long, slow line, which is typical for this store. I made a point to tell the sales clerk, who was twentysomething years old and looked well rested to me, that the item should ring up as $22.48.

It rang up at $39.99 and he proceeds to tell me that this is the price. No, the sign says it is on sale. His response was that $39.99 was the price now. Grammy offered to go get the sign. He started acting a little too arrogant for someone who is supposed to be customer service so I smacked the counter and said, "J.C. do I need to get a manager over here?" I was not going to back down. You really don't want to mess with me, people. I fight to the finish ON EVERYTHING.

Apparently at some point during the argument (which lasted so much longer than it should have), I had said that the original price was $50 "or something." To be honest, I didn't know what the 50% was off of - I only knew what the ending price should be. He ends the "discussion" by pulling out the tag that showed the original price of $45 and saying, "Sure, half is $22.48. I'll give it to you at that. You were saying it was $50 and that didn't make sense." So now the customer is supposed to know the pricing system?

As he was giving me the receipt, I said, "I am tired. I don't know what all the prices are. I just know what the ending price was supposed to be." I was still arguing with him a bit on the fact that he was harping on me quoting $50. He responds with, "I'm tired too." Baaaahaaahaaa. I told him that he didn't know what tired was and left.

Yes, I am still laughing about it. {I know. I know. I don't know what his situation is but believe me when I tell you that he was not tired.}

PSA: Always check your receipt before you leave the store!


Pyjammy Pam said...

ha! you showed JC!!!

freckletree. said...

wtf? i always wonder how the *proverbial JC* is employed and so many others are not . . .

Crista said...

Even if it was $50 to begin with, 50% of that is NOT $39.99!
I'm glad the rest of your trip was a success.

Wendy said...

That little shit is lucky you didn't reach across and slap his stupid face. "I'm tired too..." Oh really? You have two year old identical triplets too?! Woah! ::assmonkey::
Good for you for standing your ground :)

Sarah said...

you all are cracking me up with your comments

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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