Sunday, November 22, 2009

The toddler hair pony post

So way back when the girls had just a little bit of hair and I wanted to start giving them ponies (to make them look like girls and keep bangs out of their eyes), we picked up those tiny clear elastics at Target. The problem is that they are latex and we treat Anna as if she has a latex allergy. Does she have a latex allergy? We are not sure but her medical files are noted that she is latex sensitive.

Did you know that balloons and band-aids are commonly made from latex products? We have to make sure we buy latex free band-aids (yes, there is such a thing.) I was afraid to use those pony holders in her hair. I then purchased another package of tiny pony holders similar to the clear ones but in different colors. The packaging did not include any information regarding what the product was made from so we assumed latex. I finally found regular hair elastics in a mini version and we've been using those in Anna's hair without incident.

Unfortunately, the only colors I could find were red, yellow and purple. Until this weekend.

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We've got pink! And can you believe that the packaging doesn't include any product information such as what these are actually made from. We have assumed latex free.

And in case you were wondering how we organize the girls' hair stuff, here's what I have done for storage of all the pony holders.

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It's a $1.99 beading storage container from a craft store.

Here are some pictures from last week. The girls looked so adorable and Allie was sporting one pony so I HAD to take some pictures.

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I want to show that my children do not always cooperate. That is Anna.

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She warmed up a bit later.

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Melissa said...

Aww, they are adorable as usual!

Robby said...

I just stumbled across your blog. If you have questions about latex allergy I recommend looking at They are a group that is developing a latex substitute for manufacturers. Looks like a great solution for those with latex allergies.

Mandy said...

What a brilliant idea for storing the ponies. We just keep ours in an old cup - so unorganized.

Pyjammy Pam said...

too too too too too cute!

a friend of mine who worked at the march of dimes said that they couldn't have latex balloons at their events because of spina bifida patients having issues with latex, for whatever reason. but i'm sure you knew that. :P