Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunday snapshots. And sickness.

If you need confirmation that two and a half year olds do not immediately adjust to time changes, I can give that to you. The girls were awake and rearing to go at 6:00 Sunday morning (7:00 old time.) I had so been looking forward to Sunday morning because Rich and I were going to take turns napping. There was an extra hour, there were no plans to do anything, I was in the clear.

I always offer Rich the first nap seeing as I can nap/fall asleep at any time of the day. So at about 6:30, he headed back upstairs while I allowed the girls to watch some television and wake up. I took these pictures after Anna placed a sheet of stickers on her shirt. She is always doing this and I think it is the cutest thing.

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Em was acting a bit lethargic and told me that her tummy hurt. At one point, she was whining that she wanted milk and cookies for breakfast in the family room. Uh, no. I pulled together their bowls of cereal as that was the only thing they said that they would eat. As I was wrangling them into the dining room, Em told me that her tummy hurt again and agreed to try to go poops on the potty. Then she threw up all over the floor. It was just water but as I was trying to clean her and it up from the floor, Anna kept attempting to walk through it.

I was so tempted to wake up Rich. But I didn't.

Em insisted on eating her cereal and against my better judgement, I let her. I thought that maybe she had thrown up because she was over hungry. I gave her some watered down juice and Cheerios with just a splash of milk. I was fixing toast for Anna and Allie when Em threw up again. All over her tray and high chair.

I think it was partly an attention thing but Anna and Allie started acting crazy. They decided that they didn't want their toast and they wouldn't sit in the high chairs. I ran upstairs to grab some old baby swaddling blankets and bath towels and covered an area of the couch with them. As I was trying to clean up the breakfast mess and pull everything off of the highchair to go into the washing machine, Allie whined and whined and whined. Em threw up again. And Allie whined and whined and whined. She acted like she wanted a pillow a certain way but everytime I tried to help her, she threw a fit. At one point I yelled at her. I felt really bad about it and when things calmed down I told her that I loved her but she needed to be a big girl and tell Mommy what is wrong instead of whining and that when Emmy (or anyone) is puking, I need to help the pukee. And clean up the puke.

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So Em was throwing up every 20 to 30 minutes and begging for some milk which I refused to give her. The last two times she came to the gate and started crying right before she threw up so it gave me enough time to get her to the hardwood floor, which is easy to clean versus the couch and carpet.

Speaking of the attention thing, twice after Em threw up I returned to the family room to find Anna sitting in Em's towel covered area on the couch with one of the "in case of" blankets over her.

Rich was able to sleep through the puking and crying and whining because nap time for us includes a fan set on high to block out all noise. Rich came back downstairs around 9:00 ready take the girls to the grocery store so that I could nap. Because Em couldn't go, he took just Allie and Anna. Em looked exhausted and right after they left, she cuddled on top of me on the couch and slept for the entire time that they were gone.

{Funny story from Rich. There is a small kind of catch all store in town that he stopped by before the grocery store. We have had the girls in there exactly once back during the summer and the women working there had freaked out. Well, Rich walks into the store and one of the employees asks, "Are these the triplets?" And Rich only had two of them with him! Kind of odd but funny.}

After Em's nap, she was able to keep down some watered down juice and Pedialyte. And I let her start to eat some real food. She took another nap with Allie and Anna and then inhaled a piece of toast. I have never seen that child eat so fast.

By the end of the day, she was acting more like herself but she still looked a bit sick. Even being sick, she still wanted to potty train.

I had thought about taking a nap in the afternoon but Em was being so clingly, Allie and Anna were being extremely whiny and I needed to pick up the house so I passed. I did want to run over to Michael's to see if they had anything on sale so I brought Anna with me for some one on one time. She LOVED it.

We did big girl shopping, which means no stroller. Anna walked the entire time while holding my hand. We did buy a "scarycrow" which was marked down 60%. Anna helped pick him out and carried him to checkout. She also talked the ENTIRE TIME. It was a bit amusing and I enjoyed watching her receive attention from strangers even as a singleton.

As a funny side note, the girls are starting to want to do more crafts but they pronounce it "craps." So as we were leaving to go to the store, Anna told her sisters that she would be back with some "crap stuff."


SandiH said...

I hope Em feels better.

LOVE the mispronunciation of crafts. Too cute.

Pyjammy Pam said...

love those girls. :) sucks about the sickness, though. puking is for the birds. :P

Sarah said...

My oldest throws up a lot when he is congested. We've designated a bucket that he can carry when his tummy hurts and he knows to throw up in there. It makes it easier when there are 16 month old twins trying to run around and "help" as brother is throwing up. I hope Emily is feeling better.

Momma Z said...

I know about time change issues but I only have one, who has been waking up at 4:30am due to teething and the time change...

Helen said...

ROFL at "crap stuff"!

So sorry you had a sicky Sunday :( Are the other girls ok still? That picture of Em on the couch is just way to precious!

Jessica said...

Love the "crap stuff"... just came across your blog, your photography is beautiful. I have surviving triplets and my daughter McKenna looks so much like your girls, I can't believe it!

Kelli said...

Love the crap stuff, my triplets are also 2.5 but I haven't been brave enough to try any "craps"! Sorry about the sickies, hopefully everyone is better. Love your blog and your pictures, I mentioned your blog on my blog the other day, as giving me blog envy. I haven't been taking as many pictures lately, due to failure to cooperate by the subjects:)

Jeanne said...

HI Sarah,

A quick trick about the vomiting. When my kids were younger and even today we have a small trashbarrel double lined with plastic grocery store bags. After they get sick in it we just tie it up and throw it away. Hope it helps!!

Sarah said...

Kellie - aw, thanks for the blog envy - LOL.

Jeanne - I didn't even think of that. Did you know that my parents would take the grocery store paper bags, fold the sides down and put the plastic bag in it - we would use that - easy to throw it out. The girls still don't know to bend over although I did get Em to land some vomit in her little training potty.

Wendy said...

Sometimes I think we are raising the same kids. Not only was Molly sick the same time Em was, she was cuddled on the couch on a stack of things! We also have the ballet/daddy's girl jammies they the girls have on tonight. ooOOOooo.. I hope Em is feeling good and no one else gets the bug! Sleep girls... sleep!