Friday, November 20, 2009

Lemon ems

I have been making good on my promise to supply M&Ms in exchange for sleeping in cribs all night (and potty training.) The M&M distribution has been happening after I arrive home from work, which means that it is fairly close to bed time. Yeah, sure, here's some sugar and red dye number something to help you calmly fall asleep.

And it sounds as if Allie is saying "lemon ems" so we've been calling them that. It's kind of funny.

It's interesting to watch the girls consume their M&Ms. Em is usually the first one finished with hers. Anna ends up with chocolate "all over her face!" As Allie and Em tell her. Allie likes to eat slowly and enjoy her M&Ms. She'll eat a few, play for a bit, return to eat a few more. Well, the other night I watched Em walk over to Allie's bowl and eat the remaining M&Ms. Allie returned and said, "Hey, someone ate my lemon ems." Did Em try to hide what she had done? Oh no, she marched around saying, "I ate Allie's em an ems."

And tonight Allie had a bit of a breakdown after receiving her second serving. These are the mini M&Ms and I try to keep the servings small and hope that the girls will be distracted enough to forget about asking for more. Anna and Em were satisfied with what I handed to them but Allie wanted "a whole bunch." I finally dumped a few more in her bowl and she finally calmed down. A few minutes later she walked over to us and said, "I'm all better now." The funny part is that she only ate a few before we had to head upstairs for tubby time and she didn't freak out when they parted ways.

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His Mom said...

Love the lemon ems. So cute! Claudia has names for a few things (like Cole's pacifier she calls "butterfly) that we have taken to calling those items by that name.