Friday, November 27, 2009

It's interesting

how my former clingy, fussy, I-need-Mommy-sitting-next-to-me-in-order-to-fall-asleep-baby (Emily) has transformed into the easiest to fall asleep toddler. Allie's issues now have to be teeth related - she is still missing one of her bottom molars. And Anna has always been Anna.

Anna insists that I sit next to her crib and she stares at me. I sometimes wonder if it's because she was in the NICU for three weeks after birth and Rich and I could only visit and not spend days and nights there. Talk about Mommy guilt. There was a night last spring (prior to using the couch cushion bed) where I sat for more than two hours on the floor next to her crib in the middle of the night waiting for her to fall back to sleep. I had already learned that she wouldn't sleep in the guest bed or our bed so I was stuck. The next day I asked her if she needed me to tape her eyes shut in order for her to fall back asleep. She laughed and it has become our little joke.

Tonight we had great fun with fantastic company (more on that later) and so we ended up tucking the girls into bed about an hour later than usual. They slept late this morning (8:00 - 8:15) and their nap ended late (3:15-3:30) so I was not concerned with the late bedtime at all. Would you believe that Em was out like a light but Rich and I had to sit next to Allie and Anna. They didn't fall asleep until 10:30! That is insane. Sleep, children, sleep.

I wonder if the 12 chocolate chip cookies were a contributing factor. (LOL)

Heather - I hope A&O slept for you!!

I have a ton of photos to edit. Stay tuned.

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Sarah said...

My NICU baby also requires me to sit by his crib while he falls asleep. His twin, however, just wants to be put in her crib with her lovey and blanket and now she goes to sleep.

One thing that has worked is that I used to lay on the floor with a small pillow. Now Colin wants the pillow with him and sometimes lets me just leave him in the crib w/ the pillow (maybe because it smells like me???) I just take the pillow out after he falls asleep.