Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Exciting news!

Well, for me anyway.

I was finally able to convince Allie to wear one of the tutus that I made.

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She loves it! I'm still trying to finish a bright pink one that I had started to put together for her. The tutus are super easy to make but are somewhat time consuming especially when I never have a block of free time.

That wand that she is waving around came from the Sleep Fairy. Well, the Sleep Fairy must have purchased them on sale at the Children's Place or something like that. The girls love to wave them around and say that they are sprinkling sleepy dust everywhere. I usually request that they do so over each other. They need all the sleepy dust they can get.

On the sleep front - the girls have been doing so much better with going to sleep sans meltdowns and staying in their cribs all night. Especially Emily. Well, except for this morning when she was awake at 5:27. Anna woke up before I could sneak out of the room with Em so I lugged about 50 pounds of toddler downstairs. They both managed to fall back asleep for a bit.

More exciting news - I actually took pictures for a family this past weekend. It was a great opportunity and learning experience for me and I was so honored that someone would want me to photograph their children. Now, I just need time to finish editing.

I feel the need to include this cute picture of Em and Anna from Sunday.

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Helen said...

That tutu is CUTE!

And congrats on being asked to take pictures for a family! That's awesome!

Sarah said...

Love the tutu picture!

Misti said...

Super cute tutu. How did you make it? I want to make some for my identical twin 12 month olds for Christmas. I also have a 3 year old son. Love all the comments about being identical, etc.

Sarah said...

Misti - I'll put together a how-to-tutu post. I read some instructions on the internet and then winged it a bit in terms of measuring the tulle. I'll make it wing-it-free.