Monday, October 5, 2009

This post comes with a warning.

*Extremely cute pre-Halloween pictures are included in this post*

So let's talk about Saturday. Allie slept in our bed Friday night. Again, I think. I can't remember who slept where any more. When my little friends Emmy and Anna decided to begin the day at 6:00 am, I got up with them while Rich and Allie slept in. Until 9:30!

I made an attempt to nap on the couch while Barney babysat. I grabbed the remote and curled up under a blanket. Didn't really work. Em kept bringing over books and saying, "Read it, Mommy," while dropping them on me.

I do have to say that it was much easier to care for two versus three. Not that I am discounting how difficult it is with two. I know, it is all relative. I, along with every other triplet mom, wanted to smack Kate upside the head when she exclaimed that triplets were sooooo easy during that episode when she only had three of her brood to care for. Puh-leeze.

It was interesting to watch Em and Anna interact and create games with each other. Not that they don't do this when the three of them play together. It just seemed less insane with two versus three and easier to follow along.

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They wrapped some onesies around themselves like scarves and played the piano. And then they started in with The Purple Blankie Game. Aunt Edel knitted the girls blankets in three different colors: yellow, green and purple. Em has taken a liking to the big purple one. That is the only one that she will use in her crib. Anna and Allie know not to ask for or take that blanket. But the game entails someone wrapping the purple blankie around themselves while someone else attempts to pull the blankie off. They run around the room this way saying, "Push me." I guess they don't know the difference between push and pull.

The rest of the game consists of me constantly reminding them that if they rip that blankie Aunt Edel is going to get very, very mad.

It rained here all day Saturday. I told the girls that it was raining cats and dogs. They seemed confused. After more Caillou episodes than I can count, I broke out the girls' Halloween costumes from last year to see if they still fit.

Here's an "in process" picture. Anna was still missing part of her costume and Allie wanted to read a book for the picture.

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Not only did the costumes fit but the girls were in love with them.

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They were doing so well posing for photos as well. For the above picture, I told them to say, "Happy Halloween," and they decided to run to me while they said it.

And here are the butterflies at rest.

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Jen said...

So pretty!!! Those pictures are terrific. I am impressed with how often you can get them all smiling and looking in the same direction.

With our four kids we notice a big change in the dynamic when even one of them is asleep or away. It's interesting to watch them interact in smaller groups or different pairings, too.

Cassie said...

Oh man! They are adorable! I have no idea how you get them to all smile like that! But its beautiful! Please come photograph my boys! lol!!

Meg said...

You are sooooooooooo going to win the Best Photography!!! That one of them running towards you in their costumes - WAY. TOO. ADORABLE!!!!!

Pyjammy Pam said...

oh my god, sarah. the picture of them laughing and running at the camera makes me almost cry it's so cute. eeep! all the pure joy in their faces is just so beautiful. eeeee!

well, i was warned...

JEN said...

Too cute for words, seriously. You are a great with a camera!

Goddess in Progress said...

Dude, my teeth hurt, that is so cute! :-)

Can I ask which lens is your favorite, and if you use any special settings on your camera? My pictures have had kind of a washed-out, gray look to them, and I can't decide if it's the camera or the lens.

Heather said...

Oh My Goodness! The warning was completely necessary! Those are some adorable gals!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, look a those grins!! That picture is a real keeper.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!

Goddess - I usually use my Sigma lens. Do you have enough light? I'm telling you - the speedlight is my best friend right now.

Keith and Jamie said...

Adorable...beautiful...hysterical...I love the pictures!!!!

CNH said...

I have NO DOUBT that twins are easier than trips! I have 16 month old twins and a 2.5 year old. I don't mind it so much when the two year old is off with Daddy somewhere. ;) It's totally all relative though.

DARLING costumes! So glad I found your blog (from the Multiples and More contest :))