Friday, September 18, 2009

Even a sister can mix them up. And other cute sayings. And a mini update.

The girls hardly ever confuse who is who. I haven't seen it happen in a very long time. Even with pictures, they can easily identify themselves or the correct sister. So I found it extremely amusing the other night when Emily thought that Allie was Anna.

To set this little story up, I'll provide some background. We change Allie's and Em's diapers on the couch or on the floor unless it is poop. Poopy diapers are changed on the changing table attached to the pack-n-play. Anna is always cathed on the changing table to keep little hands out of the way. So if someone is on the changing table, chances are that it is Anna.

On this night, each adult was changing a toddler into her jammies. Grammy had Em on the couch, Rich and Allie were on the other side of the room and I was preparing to cath Anna on the changing table. Allie wandered over and was looking at the DVDs saying that she wanted to watch Little People. I told her that the Little People were asleep. Em had been discussing the dots on her jammies and walked up behind Allie and asked, "What Anna got on her back?" while pointing to the cloud pattern on Allie's jammies. I muttered to Rich, "Em thinks that Allie is Anna."

Em then wandered over to me at the changing table and became utterly confused to see someone on the changing table because she knew that Allie wouldn't be up there. She pointed to Anna and asked, "Who's that? Who's that?"

Since I am talking about funny statements from the girls, I might as well continue....

* As part of the girls' bedtime routine, I spend a few minutes with each one cuddling on the chair in their room. The other girls will either be in the cribs or cuddling with Daddy. For awhile, I was successful with rotating who went first. Do you know what Emily says every. single. night? "It's Emmy's turn tonight."

Even after I remind her that she went first the night before, she will still repeat, "It's Emmy's turn tonight." Allie was so patient the other night waiting for her turn. At one point Allie said, "It's almost Allie's turn."

* Allie leaves the "s" off of squirrel and pronounces it "quirrel." It is the cutest thing to hear her say it.

* Allie's big thing now is to say, "Remember when..." in this dramatic toddler voice. So if we are talking about elephants, she'll say, "Remember when we saw the elephants at the zoo."

* Em likes to bounces around in her high chair, which makes a lot of noise and usually annoys all the adults in the immediate area. She was doing that the other night and Grammy asked her to stop because Grammy had a headache. Em responded with, "Go take some Tylenol."

* Last weekend when we were discussing with the girls what the afternoon activities would be, Anna kept adding, "And then we're gonna take some pictures."


* Two-year molars have been spotted in Allie's mouth!!! After six months of torture, the end is finally in sight and I now have visible proof that two-year molars really do exist. Allie has been whining so much this past week and not sleeping well, which is unlike her. Instead of listening to her whine last night, I gave her a royal tickle treatment and as she was laughing, I found the molars.

* The girls are still sleeping in their cribs.

Allie - low flight risk.
Anna - no flight risk (she doesn't have the muscle strength yet.)
Em - potential for high flight risk.


Anonymous said...

Just showed Uncle Pat the blog and he got a good laugh out of Emily mixing up her sisters..and my headache story;-)
Love, Grammy

Crista said...

I love this age when they start to figure stuff out and put things together, i.e. headache=tylenol. It's amazing the stuff they pick up that doesn't directly concern them. And learning abstract concepts, like "almost". Awesome. They are so smart. Enjoy it!
And it's the weekend!! Have a great one!

Jen said...

They are so cute, and I love reading your stories about them. My boys have started mixing *themselves* up in the last 6 months. Like, P will say, "Me and P are gonna go play little guys." And I'll say, "Honey, you *are* P." And he'll look confused and then say, "Oh yeah! Silly me!" Hmmm.

Helen said...

So cute about them mixing each other up! My boys are only about 50/50 on getting who's who in pictures but I haven't seen them mess up in person yet. And the "go take a Tylenol" cracked me up!