Monday, September 21, 2009

A day in the life.


In the wee hours of early morning.

2:15 am - Emily is fussing and whining in her crib. I run in to "keep the peace" and plop onto the floor next to her crib. She falls back asleep within 30 seconds. I stay for a few minutes to ensure that she is really asleep.

3:15 - Repeat of 2:15.

5:15 - Repeat of 2:15 and 3:15.

6:15 - Anna screams. I run in to "keep the peace." It is fairly cool in their room and Anna had refused to wear a sleepsack so I make an attempt to cover her with the blanket that had been shoved to the end of the crib. She yells, "NO," and wakes up Em. Em falls back asleep within five minutes but almost 30 minutes later, Anna is still looking at me. At that point, I decide to make my escape with Anna, hoping that Allie and Em will not awaken. I did make it into the hall before Anna said anything. "I see sisters."

7:00 - Anna and I cuddle in my bed under the warm blankets for 4o minutes before Emily wakes up and realizes and that I'm not sitting on the floor next to her crib. I could tell that Anna loved the one-on-one time, which is a rare occasion in our house. She snuggled right into the crook of my arm and didn't move the entire time.

When we brought the girls downstairs, I noticed a few marks on Anna's face near her eye. At first, I just thought that it was from her face being pressed against my shirt but we soon discovered that she had been bit by a mosquito, most likely the night before while we were playing outside. By the end of the day her eye looked like this.

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Please note the orange smiley face sticker on her shirt. She loves doing that and it always cracks me up.

10:00 - Mommy gets her hair cut. This was a big, exciting event seeing as my last haircut was in February.

Conversation with hair stylist - "I have two and a half year old triplets and I work full time so some mornings I only have a minute to dry my hair before I run out the door to catch my train and if my hair is too short the ends flip in and out and look crazy so I really need to keep the length but I don't mind if you cut in layers and I've been trying to grow out my bangs for six months and they still won't tuck but I still want to keep growing them out."

After a good haircut and a relaxing break, I returned home to find Rich and the girls playing in the yard.


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Attacking Daddy

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After nap, we decided to try our luck at the new ice cream place that just opened in town. They were giving away free ice cream cones for the afternoon and, amazingly enough, it wasn't overly crowded. The girls were so well behaved and were more than content to sit and eat their ice cream (in a cup) like big girls while watching everyone around them. We even, briefly, saw a clown on our way back to the car. A clown with a curly wig on.

Rich and I announced that we were going to go to the store on the way home. Upon hearing this, Allie started saying, "We're going to Tarjay," and Em said, "They have lots of signs." I asked her what was on the signs and she replied, "No crying." And yes, there is a story behind that.

Really cute super short story about the store. It actually wasn't Target (for once.) As we were loading the girls into the shopping cart, these two women came out of the store. One had a really curly 80's perm pulled up in this really odd way. Em kept saying, "I see another clown." At first I thought she was saying "car" so I asked her to repeat it and she was looking right at that woman saying, "I see another clown." It was all I could do to control my laughter. No, the woman did not hear her.

I can't remember much else of the day but I have to post this pictures. In the girls' doctor kit, there are a pair of fake scissors that Anna holds up to her face as if they are glasses. Sometimes she says, "I need to look in your eyes."

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After Em saw me taking that picture of Anna, she insisted that I take a picture of her doing the same. She doesn't do it quite like Anna does.

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These crazy kids. They keep me laughing and smiling. It's easy to forget the exhaustion. Almost.


Kristine said...

I only had the one, but had "those" days too, and yah, feels worth it and then some when you get those smiles.
Poor Anna w/ the bug bite. The night before Corries second b'day she was attacked in her crib, and absolutely covered in welts. I don't think I have any pictures of that party After that though, Benadryl became a staple in our house. Along with wd40 and duct tape!!

As always, love the pictures!! :)

CJ said...

Okay, I am confused. Did you ever explain why the girls want you to sleep on the floor in their rooms? How did that all start? Also, is there any explanation on why the girls wake up so much at night at 2.5 years old? I thought kids should sleep through the night by then? Not saying mine are perfect. At 9 months they both still wake up to eat, which is bad I know, but how did that happen? How can I get them to not wake up in the future?

Sarah said...

Kris - we know all about wd40! LOL

CJ - I've never actually slept on their floor but the girls kept pushing for me to do so. Their sleeping problems revolve around not feeling well or teething. We have teething times 3!