Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random randomness

So Allie did not take the transition to us returning to work yesterday morning very well. On Sunday night as we were tucking the girls in, I made the mistake of saying that Mommy and Daddy needed to get ready for work. Allie was indicating that she wanted us to stay in their room and I blurted out the work thing because in the back of my mind I was wondering what I was going to wear. Allie started freaking out and Rich told her that no one was going to work at night. We were all going to bed.

Monday morning. Grammy is here. Allie knows. She's in denial until I tell her that her special job for the day is to tell Grammy about the Sleep Fairy. She starts pouting and manages to get out, "No Mommy Daddy working the man," before melting into a pool of tears. We witnessed a repeat this morning. It sucks and I feel really bad but I HAVE to work.

Anna has been showing some resistance to the Sleep Fairy. A part of me thinks that she's just too darn intelligent to believe it. One night, I had taken her sippy cup of water with me downstairs to fill it when I left their after tucking them in. The next morning, I told the girls that the Sleep Fairy must have taken Anna's water. Anna responded with, "No. Mommy take it."

I also knock on the wall or on furniture (where they can't see me doing so) and tell them that it is the Sleep Fairy saying that she's waiting for Mommy and Daddy to leave so that she can come in. Well, Anna keeps knocking on her crib with her little fist and saying that it is the Sleep Fairy.

Emily has been asking a ton of questions lately and it is so adorable. Her most asked question is, "What's that? What's that noise?" She also asks, "What it say?" when she wants me to tell her what a word is or read something to her. And tonight when she went to give one of the dolls his medicine, she confused him with another doll and said, "Where him tooth?" because the other one has a tooth. Although her language skills aren't perfect, I'm impressed with what she pulls together.

And as Danielle pointed out in her comment regarding the beach photos, we were attacked by mosquitoes Friday afternoon in our yard. It was so horrible that we have decided to not use the yard until those nasty creatures die off. I have spent most of the summer running around killing mosquitoes and smacking them off of the girls. We've been playing with big girl toys in the driveway and side yard where it is mosquito free.

We purchased some of that California Baby bug repellent. Let's just say that within two minutes of Rich spraying it on Anna, mosquitoes were landing on her. I have still been using it on the girls even when we are playing in the front of the house, hoping that it helps somehow. Has anyone had success with this product?

Is it weird that I wish the girls had more bathing suits? We have the three that I purchased on sale last summer from Children's Place. Those can be seen in the "Dear Grammy" post. And then there are the three matching polka dot suits which were a gift from Auntie Joan. We also have the hearts bikini that I picked up on sale at Target so that we would have a back-up suit. I feel like I am constantly washing bathing suits. How many bathing suits do you have for your kids?


Pyjammy Pam said...

i have one bathing suit per kid. how bad am i? they hate swimming, alas.

actually, i lie. i have two. i just found the three pairs i bought last summer for $1.74 each. naturally. at the end of summer. when i don't need them.

Wendy said...

We have two suits each, but it hasn't been warm enough until this week to use them.
And holy ouch! Those poor loves and the bug bites. We don't really have mosquitos that badly here but I did notice they were like, the NH state bird or something. Freaking everywhere! We just bought Family OFF bug spray. Something else that may work-- Avon's Skin So Soft. We used to put it on our dog's ears in the summer and it kept the horse flies from biting- but it's clearly meant for people :P

Helen said...

That Anna is just too smart! LOL!

We have one suit per boy here. I've said multiple times (usually while in the Children's Place) that it's a good thing I have all boys because if I had all girls I'd constantly be wanting to buy more clothes!

Jacinta said...

I loved the beach photos! Adorable!

Can you buy mosquito candles at the hardware store? Some people have luck with Citronella Candles.

Mommy, Esq. said...

I know parents worry about deet, etc. but honestly it seems like the only thing that works. All the "natural" bug spray leaves me covered in bug bites.

Mandy said...

I have 3 suits for my toddler and it's not enough. I use burt's bees natural bug spray On us and it seems to work well for us. Also, Mosquitos are more attracted to people who've eaten bananas - weird.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have 6 bathing suits for my toddler...What can I say? She loves the water, and I hate laundry?

monica said...

The boys have 4 I think that they share (so 2 each). It has worked out fine but we don't have a pool, so if we did and they were in the pool every day then I might want more...

Sorry about the work thing, but they will get used to the new routine but until then I know that it is hard. The fairy thing is cute knocking on the wall...very clever! They are just too smart!

Sarah said...

It is hard having girls - the clothes are just too cute!!

We had those citronella candles hanging from trees and the mosquitoes were flying right around them and thru the smoke. I was trying to stay all natural with bug repellent but I think it's impossible.

Keith and Jamie said...

we have a pool and each kiddo has two/three suits. Sometimes we just throw them in a swimming diaper and out to the pool we go.

As for the bug repellant...I have found that I like the lotion better than the spray. IT seems to just work better...it is a thought.

Love the chalk pics...I cannot wait until J&M can play with chalk. Will make a note to wear old clothes. Thanks fo the tip!

The Beers Family said...

Have you tried Bounce fabric softener - my sister swears by it while camping - rub some on your clothes before you go out or keep a sheet tucked into your pants wasteband. I have not had much problem at our house with them yet but I would try this if I did.