Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Girl Toys

In an effort to keep the girls entertained outside, we purchased some "big girl toys" to be used in the front driveway. Away from the mosquitoes. We've had some cooler weather up here these past few days (although it is pouring rain today) and I'm waiting for all those little buggers to die off. It was actually 56 degrees (F) the other morning.

Here we have Anna with the Crazy Coupe, Allie with the Princess Big Wheel and Em with Pinkee. And yes, some of those names were created by us.

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The girls LOVE playing in the driveway. This is a bit of a new adventure for them. It was slightly impossible for us to do this last year as they were constantly running off in three different directions. We still need to remind them to WALK in the driveway. Allie fell the other night and had a scrap mark on her forehead and they have all had some skinned knees.

Every night when Rich and I arrive home, Allie states, "I want to play outside in the driveway." That's an eight word sentence! And I'm going to veer off on a tangent here but the girls' memory amazes me. Just today, we received in the mail a picture of the girls' cousin Jen and her boyfriend, Matt. I told the girls that the picture was from the Falmouth Road Race that Daddy ran. I asked them if they remembered seeing Jen and Matt after the race. I didn't say anything about us having lunch with them. Anna replied, "Anna ate some dippy." No only did she remembered us all eating lunch together but she remembered all the dippy she ate.

So here are some pictures of playing in the driveway from a few nights last week.


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Allie (again)

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Helen said...

Fun! Your pictures make me wish we had a bigger driveway so the boys could play in it! Oh, and we're waiting for the mosquitoes to die out too... last night one got into our house somehow and Tyler woke up with bug bites this morning :(

monica said...

Hoping the mosquitoes go away soon for you! The girls are just so cute playing with their new toys! What great pictures!

Anonymous said...

If Lil was there now she would be having a blast trying to steal the new ride-ons! Looks like you guys are enjoying the summer. I love seeing all these photos & keeping up to date on the girls. Buffalo is a different place & we are homesick...reading your blog makes us miss it even more!

Sarah said...

Sharon - we miss you! *sniff*sniff*