Monday, July 27, 2009

Why can't my kids sleep like that?

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the girls' cousins, Beth and Grace, spent a good portion of Saturday visiting with us. Grace is almost a year younger than the girls and she naps at the same time as the girls. Well, I should restate that to say that she begins her nap at the same time. I was finally able to witness a toddler that actually naps.

Is this what life is like on the other side? There are actually toddlers out there who willingly go to sleep without pitching a fit?

Here is a picture of the cousins...

Beth, Grace, Emily, Anna, Allie

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Rich and I have been trying to take the bad with the good these days. There are several toddlers things that are easy to accomplish with the girls. They like to have their teeth brushed. We have made it into a bit of a game. They talk about the dentist and we pretend that they at a dentist appointment. They also don't mind when we rinse the shampoo out of the hair in the tub.

As you can imagine, I took hundreds of pictures this weekend that I will post throughout the week. I'll leave you with this image of Allie's curlies. Well, the girls all have the same curlies but I happened to capture Allie's.

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Keith and Jamie said...

have I ever mentioned how Adorable, Cute, Darling...out right FUN your girls appear to be!!! You must be so proud!
have a great week.

BenLand said...

what a pretty little group of girls :)

[you're so lucky your girls don't mind getting their hair washed!!!! i'm jealous!]