Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Warning: Extra Cuteness Attached

Well, I had great plans for a super long blog post talking about all the new and cute activities we've been witnessing from the girls but tonight is turning out to not be a good night. I'll see how much extra cuteness I can cram in before I have to head off to bed.

Allie has this pouty face that I have been trying to capture a picture of - and finally did so a few weeks ago. This is the face she uses when something is cute, she can't figure something out or she is hugging Elmo.

She was making the pouty face that night because we could not locate her Elmo. She told us that he was in the car and he was. While Rich went out to retrieve him, I took these pictures. She was posing by the way.

Em was not happy when I pulled the camera out. She was tired and wanted to go upstairs so the presence of the camera was not welcome. She said, "No," while holding her hand out in front of herself to block me from taking pictures.

Moving on. Here is a super cute picture of Allie helping Em rock on the horse. Needed to include this picture because it is adorable. I love when the girls play together without any drama.

And here are my climbers. Allie and Em.

Anna cannot climb like the other two. That makes me a little sad because she does try so hard to keep up with her sisters. Here's a cute picture of Anna - just because this post needs a cute picture of Anna.

I'll have to continue this post later. It doesn't contain nearly as much as it could due to my lack of energy. I am drained.


His Mom said...

They are extra cute. The hats your girls wear just kill me.

I am thinking so much about you, even more so tomorrow.

Heather said...

You weren't kidding. Those pictures are extra cute! Thanks for sharing. The face in the first one is just priceless.