Friday, June 5, 2009


I do, on occasion, dress the girls completely different. Well, as different as can be considering they were going to play outside for a bit in the warm weather. I tried to take a picture as proof but this was the best I could do.

Anna, Em, Allie

I find it so interesting now that most strangers who stop to ask if the girls are triplets also ask if they are identical. After the girls played outside, Rich and I made a trip with them to Babies R Us to pick up a few items. A youngish pregnant woman, who was in line behind us, asked if the girls were triplets. She told us that she had seen the double stroller and thought that they were twins until she saw #3 in the shopping cart. Then she asked, "Are they, like, identical?" Why yes they are. I often wonder if we are asked the identical question because the girls are usually dressed in identical outfits. Not that day.

Hmmmm. Okay, a few more cute pictures and then I'm off to bed. It's been a draining week for me.

Here's a cute picture of Anna with her Daddy. (Note - I should have cropped it to remove where the fence ends. It's very distracting to the eye.)

Em pushing Allie in the swing.


Lucco Girls said...

We ALWAYS get 'two girls and a boy?' simply because Emily is bigger than the other two. I dress her in PINK for crying out loud! All 3 in skirts and still the same question. Eh...people. Cute pics as always! (You must get people that say 'how do you tell them apart?!?!') LOL

Sarah said...

LOL - Yes - that is the next question "How do you tell them apart?"

Anonymous said...

There was a babysitter in the park with triplet boys, about age 2, all dressed alike in a t-shirt and jeans.
An elderly lady asked, "Two boys and a girl?" because one of the boys had soft curls while the other two had straight hair. LOL.

Pam said...

um, i think you get asked that because they look identical! ha ha! silly! :P

i get that a lot too, and i never dress the boys the same (mostly because i'm too lazy.)