Friday, June 26, 2009

Emily's new thing

I have to say that I am fully impressed with Emily's ability to understand how a series of events will play out. I have four examples from this past week alone.

Part of the girls' bedtime routine includes us holding and hugging each girl for a few minutes. There is usually a line for time alone with Mommy. I was holding Anna and Em was becoming very impatient with having to wait her turn. I was having that please go into your crib without freaking out conversation with Anna when Em piped in with, "Anna, go to sleep. In crib." The second Anna was out of my arms, Em was reaching towards me saying, "Hold you. Hold you." (The girls still say "you" instead of "me.")

Grammy told me that Em had been playing in the kiddie kitchen by herself for about 20 minutes when Anna walked over and tried to join her. Em took her by the arm, leading her away from the kitchen while saying, "No Anna, play dhere." I later witnessed her do the same thing when Anna attempted to read a book from a pile that Em had set up.

I was laughing hysterically last night when Grammy was trying to take the girls' measurements for dresses she is sewing. Allie had run off and we were trying to engage Em in thinking that taking measurements would be fun. Em pointed to Anna and said, "What about Anna? Grammy measure." I had to say, "WHAT?" because I couldn't believe that she was able to pull that together so quickly.

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BreezieGirl said...

Wow! She's quite the smart cookie!

Now, how quickly will Allie and Anna pick up on it?