Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lunch Outside

We had near perfect May weather yesterday. Because we weren't able to bring the girls outside until later than usual, we decided to feed them lunch outside. The reason for our delay with outside play was that the girls slept in. It's about time. I was awake for a bit in the morning due to the birds that insist on chirping outside my window but then fell back asleep. Rich awakened me shortly after 7:00 as he was getting dressed. Once he's awake, he's up. As he was telling me that I could sleep in, I heard what sounded like crying and a lot of movement from the girls' room. This was followed by Allie saying, "Emmy, go to sleep." I handed Rich the monitor and told him that they were probably awake. I fell back asleep. Rich tells me that the girls slept until 7:45 and woke up in good spirits.

Em, Allie, Anna

Here's what was on the tray:
  • Wet, soapy facecloth for washing grubby hands before eating and sticky hands after eating
  • Chocolate milky
  • Annie's organic mac & cheese
  • Wax beans (not organic or fresh)
  • Food served in frog bowls with non-skid bottoms
  • Princess "cookies" - not really cookies, just graham crackers

What should have been on the tray:

  • Extra forks
  • A napkin or papertowel to cover the princess cookies until the rest of the food is eaten

Em, Allie and Anna - they are looking at a plane

Daddy handing out the princess cookies. Em, Allie, Anna

The funniest part of outdoor eating is that when the girls drop food on the ground, they say, "Uh oh," a billion times even after we tell them that it is okay and the animals will eat the dropped food later. You should see what a mess they make inside and I never hear, "Uh oh."


mrsgingergrl said...

They are just too too cute. My girls live on Anne's Mac and Cheese, it's a staple around here, and their cheddar bunnies, bunny cookies, cheese ravioli, spaghettios... we eat a lot of Annies! We have those princess cookies too - i gave Charlotte a box to hold while we shopped to keep her entertained and we ended up buying them (aka almost stealing

Lani said...

i love those little bowls! I can't get my kids to stop picking bowls up and dumping them out on their trays:)

Liz said...

Wow! Your girls are dainty little eaters! One of my triplets could polish that all off! LOL! :)

Lucco Girls said...

Haha...we hear 'uh oh' a gazzillion times a day! But so true...not when they're outside where the mess doesn't quite matter as much! The good news? We have GIRLS...they'll learn soon enough that messes are icky! (I hope
So cute as always.