Friday, May 1, 2009

Low riders

The girls were wearing these size 24 month capris yesterday. The waist was just too big for Anna and Em so I took out my camera hoping to take a picture of their baby low riders.

Here's an example. Obviously her legs aren't that short!

With the camera out, the girls decided to play around. Here's Em.

And Allie in the box. I don't know why she was smiling like that. Cute. Funny.

And Allie fake crying in the box.

Anna in the box.

Em attacking/loving Allie, who is wearing my fleece shirt.

I tell you - Allie knows how to push my buttons. I think she purposely puts objects in or near her mouth so that I will yell at her. For attention. The girls all love to play with baby wipes. They will wipe their faces or pretend to clean. I was reading to one of the girls and Allie walked up to me with her mouth closed but smiling. She then opened her mouth to show me a wipe she had shoved in there. I took it away and she pitched a fit. I eventually gave it back and she immediately went to put it in her mouth again. I took it away again and she was not happy. I was not happy. Let's just say I haven't seen her do it again. Yet.
Just wanted to add that on the sidebar I've listed my camera and equipment. The other day another triplet momma (hi, Helen) was asking others what camera they use. I'm always saying to Rich that I like when bloggers, who are into photography, list their cameras and equipment so I decided to do the same. I know - I'm not a photographer. I'm trying.


Rachael said...

my three do the same thing that allie did, in fact sometimes they even go as far as to put themselves in time out. darling pictures, as always. i love that big grin! and you have some gear girl, i would list mine but there i don't have anywhere near as much :)

Becky said...

Followed you over from the nest. Your girls are GORGEOUS as are you pictures! You are truly talented.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Becky!

Rachael - lucky for me, I had a Nikon film camera prior to my DSLR and those lenses work with the DSLR - which was a huge savings. Glad to hear I'm not the only one with crazy kids!

The Wilcoxson's said...

love the pictures. My 'safari' does not eat wipes but they like to carry keys and cellphones. I did not have to recycle my cell phone because they became great toys.

Pam said...

that's funny about the wipes. my boys have just started doing that. wiping their face and then grinning at me. not eating them yet though.

love their outfits!