Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How I bargain shop

Last month, I informed Rich that I was finished purchasing clothing items for the girls for awhile. He was more than happy to hear that. Their closet is ridiculous and stuffed (and that will be a future blog post, I assure you.) I've already purchased many size 3T winter items and I know that all of their summer dresses will fit them next year so I decided to cut back on the bargain shopping. But I do have an exception clause.

I managed to find my way over to the Children's Place outlet store the other day. Have you noticed the adorable little pink hats that the girls have been wearing? I LOVE how they look in them and they love wearing them. They won't fit next year so I was determined to buy similar hats at a bargain price.

And I can never ever turn down dressy clothes marked down to bargain prices either. I left the store with 3 sweaters, 3 skirts and 3 caps in size 3T - all for $43.

The nonsale cost for all of these items was $130. I saved 66% off of original cost. I should note that part of that savings is due to my having a store credit card and enough earned points to give me an additional 10% off for all of 2009.

What's funny about those hats is that I was so happy to find three hats in size 3T AND in different colors. I like for the girls to have some individuality. And the girls have their own colors as well. Em is always purple and if there's white, that goes to Anna. Allie is usually pink (or red.)


Heather said...

You have great style for your girls. I love those skirts SO much and your bargain shopping is super impressive! Your girls really do look nice all. the. time!

Drew and Emily said...

We love Children's Place but I have a boy and a unknown gender on the way. So far I have only gotten to hit up the boy side (which isn't that exciting).

cat said...

Oh those clothes are adorable. We really do not have great clothes like that here

Pink-CJ said...


Jen said...

Found your blog via HDYDI. Your girls are CUTE and in response to your zoo post, YES it is unusual to see three adorable little girls dressed exactly alike in a train-style wagon! Love it.

I had to comment here because I color code my kids too -- we started out color-coding our twin boys with green and blue nail polish on their big toes when they were born, and now everyone has his or her own color assigned in my mind. If I find anything that comes in blue, green, pink, and purple, I pretty much have to buy a set.

Anyway, nice shopping! And glad to have found your blog!