Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is what happens when you have triplet girls

I've always wanted to have at least one daughter. Going as far back as I can remember, this was my dream. So when Abigail passed away, I was beyond devastated. During my second pregnancy, Rich and I decided to find out at the "big" ultrasound whether we would be having another daughter or a son. Not that I would love a son any less - it would just be different. Well, we were so concerned for the health of the babies after that ultrasound that we didn't even ask if they were boys or girls. It didn't even hit me until hours later that they would either be all girls or all boys. I wished for all girls because I honestly didn't think that I could physically or mentally endure another pregnancy. All I could think of was Rich's family. Out of thirteen children, only three are girls! Rich's mom gave birth to eight sons in a row!!

I love shopping for the girls but I keep it limited. Last summer and fall, I picked up a ton of size 2T clothes on sale. If I came across a sale, I bought. Most of the items cost $3 or less. We have very generous family and friends as well and over the past few months, we have received a ton of clothes for the girls - mostly in size 2T. The result: little girl clothes have taken over our house.

We really only have two seasons here in New England: warm and cold. I feel like every six months, I end up cleaning out and reorganizing the girls' closet. This past weekend, I started the latest project. We've always stored all the clothes that the girls have outgrown in the basement. Now, all size 3T and 4T need to be moved down there. Yes, people are already giving us size 3T and 4T and I've picked up some items at bargain prices.

I gathered all size 2T items, even those that are too big, and cut the tags off. I've decided to wash everything first as sometimes it fits better once washed.

This is what I was left with...

And this...

That's another quirk in our house. We keep our laundry separate. We have three baskets in the laundry room for the girls: clothes, facecloths and towels, and bibs. Rich and I keep and take care of our laundry separate. This could be due to the fact that when Rich was doing my laundry while I was pregnant, I ended up with a pink tint to my whites. I'm very OCD about separating colors as well. I should note that we have an energy saver washing machine that uses less water with smaller loads.

Because we've been so lucky, we've always passed the clothes onto others. When the girls outgrew their newborn clothes, we donated boxes of clothes to a local multiples organization. I've also passed clothes onto a friend of mine who had twin girls. And now, my sister-in-law is expecting a baby girl and I've told her she can have whatever the girls have outgrown.

I'm so lucky to have my girls. I don't mind all the clothes. I don't mind doing their hair. I'm so lucky....


Pam said...

you are! :) you have beautiful, sweet girls. and i should say that my boys have nearly as many clothes. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. We sort our laundry into darks, whites and kids. That's it.
And about New England weather- didn't you mean to say "sweltering heat and sub-zero temperatures?
On Saturday it was mid-seventies and yesterday was below freezing at times and we got some snowflakes.

I always take out clothes that are slightly big, wash and hang up. That way I know I won't miss the moment. Kids grow so fast. I go through my baby's storage box of big clothes every 2-3 weeks or else I can miss some clothes completely.

You dress them really cute. :)