Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunny Days

Well, it's Sunday morning and for the first time since last weekend, the girls slept straight through last night. I heard some little noises here and there but we didn't have to get up at all. Someone was awake at 6:30 AM, turned their aquarium on and fell back asleep. All three were awake and chatting nicely (no crying!) at 7:45.

I was so close to giving up yesterday. Em was awake for four hours Friday night/Saturday morning and then woke up in bed next to me at 7:30 screaming, which woke up her sisters in their room. In addition, it was overcast and looked like it was going to pour, which thwarted our Easter bunny plans. There was an Easter egg hunt with the Easter bunny that was supposed to take place in the center of town. Seeing as it hadn't yet rained, we decided to check it out on our way to the bank. We couldn't participate, anyway, because we would have needed another adult and we hadn't planned appropriately because of the weather. We then decided to head over to this outdoor mall because the Easter bunny was going to be there as well. It wasn't the normal Easter bunny at the mall thing where you pay $20 for one picture; we brought our own camera. Well, wouldn't you know that the second we park the car, it starts raining. So I asked Rich to drive around to see if we could actually find out exactly where the bunny was instead of running around in the rain. After we saw him walking around, I said, "Forget it," and we headed home. I wasn't about to chase down a freaking rabbit in the rain with three fussy toddlers who would probably start screaming as soon as they saw this big fuzzy animal.

I took these pictures after we arrived back home. Not a great picture but cute. I asked the girls to stand in front of the door. They tried.




The girls didn't really nap yesterday either, which made it all so much worse. Today, they seem to be much happier and they went down for their nap without a fight. Thank, goodness. We need our sanity back. I can't return to living in Survival Mode again. We left that behind over a year ago.

Arty pictures of the day...


Anonymous said...

Your girls are adorable!! We've been having a few too many of those nights here as well. It makes the days SO much harder; for the boys and me. Glad your trio finally slept well for you!

Twins' proud godmother said...

so cute !!! Beautiful pics !!

Sarah said...