Monday, April 6, 2009

Pay Ou-sigh (aka Play Outside)

The girls were so super excited at the thought of playing outside yesterday. I watched the weather forecast on Saturday and told them through out the day that we would go outside to play tomorrow (Sunday.) On Sunday morning, it was still a bit chilly so I continued to remind them that we would play outside in the afternoon. At nap time, I told them that they had to take their nap so we could play outside after. Well, as soon as they woke up from nap, Allie announced, "Pay ou-sigh," and patted her mattress while saying, "Nighy-nigh." She was reminding me that I told them we could play outside after they slept. Smart girl.

The weather here has been so un-spring-like. I'm still wearing my Uggs. It was a little bit chilly for my liking yesterday but we had to get out of the house. The girls have been couped up for so long. And I wanted to tire them out. I made up little games where they had to run. I was tired by the end of it.

And an afternoon outside wouldn't be complete without some pictures. Here we go...

Allie as a model.


Snack time with Daddy.



1 comment:

Kris said...

You have 3 "IT" girls!!!

They look so happy to be outside. And, ah um, it looks like you had your hands full ........

Ok, I will stop, for now ......