Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miss Independent

Last week, I searched the internet for some insight on when exactly two-year molars make their appearance. I came across this website which offered some parenting tips and information on two-year olds. I was laughing hysterically when I read this:

"Miss Independent"
By age 2, your child is no longer a baby. He or she can run, has given up drinking from a bottle, and can feed himself or herself pretty well. Every day your 2-year-old says new words and does more things. In spite of these achievements, the two-year-old is still a baby in many ways. The 2-year-old is difficult, if not impossible, to reason with, but still extremely lovable. He or she will assert independence at mealtime, bedtime and during attempts at toilet training. Two-year-olds typically do not know what they want, except they are sure they do not want to do what you want them to do. The 2-year-old will struggle with his or her parents before going into the bathtub, then once in the tub, will struggle with the parents when it's time to get out of the tub. At times, the toddler will be a "handful." Sometimes it is tough to parent a 2-year-old. Yet these years do not have to be "terrible," and can be "terrific." Your child is simply moving from babyhood to childhood.

This sums up the girls in a nutshell. They HATE if you break a cookie or cracker in half before handing it over to them. Em had a mental breakdown this weekend when Rich attempted to feed them their yogurt instead of giving each of them a container. The word struggle is understatement at times. It's more like fighting.

So I was going to write more about all the new things the girls are doing but Em and Anna are screaming. It's 9:25 PM and they are obviously supposed to be sleeping. I had a piece of Key Lime pie for dinner because I had to keep running up there and reheating leftovers multiple times only goes so far.

Okay, I had to intervene upstairs. It's 10:00 PM and they are all finally asleep. I had to rock Em to sleep while Rich sat next to Anna, who would not stop crying. I better get to bed. We never know what's going to happen these nights. It's almost like the girls are two months old instead of two years old! Eissshhhh.

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Liz said...

We have 2 year molar toddlers here too... There is very little sleep these days...