Saturday, April 11, 2009

Does the Easter Bunny do tax returns?

I'm behind. Waaaaaay behind. With everything. It's Saturday night, shortly after 9:00, and I'm posting about Thursday and Friday. And then I'm going to upload today's photos and then go to bed.

Yesterday was Freaking Fiasco Friday. I had so very much to do to prepare for this weekend (the birthday and Easter weekend) and the girls were out of control. Grammy was here to help so that I could "clean." Let's just say that most of the cleaning occurred after the girls finally went to sleep last night. If I'm at home and Rich and/or Grammy are here, the girls act crazy. They want me to hold them, play with them, give them my undivided attention. This is why nothing is accomplished at our house over the weekends.

I should stop here and let you all know that I am very aware of how lucky I am to have my three crazy ones. It's slightly difficult to explain but it's hard to complain about how difficult your kids are when you know that you are so very lucky to have them, how they could have easily been taken from you as well. Life is trying sometimes.

Adding to the difficulty yesterday was the fact that I wanted to have a two-year old photo shoot with the girls in their princess dresses. We did that in the morning before they could smear food in their hair at lunch. (I'll have to post those pictures later. I haven't even had time to look through them all. I should note that from what I have looked at, I'm slightly disappointed. The girls were great - I just didn't have good enough backgrounds/props and the lighting was off for some of them. Plus, wrangling three little ones while trying to be the photographer is hard!)

It was a little bit warmer yesterday as well so Grammy and I brought the girls outside to play in the afternoon. Here is one of my new favorite photos of them together.

Back track to Thursday. Rich and I purchased this ten pack of toothbrushes last weekend. Rich wanted to know when we would possibly use all those toothbrushes. I found a way.

Allie decided to eat crayons. Everytime I turned around, she had a new color in her mouth. I gave her a toothbrush, hoping she would brush out the crayon buildup from her molars. In our house, if one girl has something, the other two have to have the same thing.

At least they are brushing. Right?

And yes, there is still crayon on the wall.

The girls' second birthday party was today. Oh boy, what a day it was. That post and pictures will come later. Much later. I have a really cute idea for tomorrow's blog post but it requires me to locate and scan in some items. I don't know when I'll have time for that.
I'm wondering if the Easter Bunny does tax returns. Maybe I can leave out ours and P&M's with a few carrots. (And yes, I am a CPA with a professional background in tax. I just don't have time!)


Liz said...

Are the girls really holding hands in the outside picture? So cute! I would have to superglue my trio's hands together!

Danielle said...

...Tell me if I am right? From left to right, Anna, Em, Allie? I think I am getting better at picking who is who.... Happy Easter, and Happy Birthday girls!

Danielle said...

Oh, by the way, in tooth brush pics... not hand holding pic. I have enough trouble telling them apart when they are looking at the camera, let alone looking at their backs!

Sarah said...

Yes, the girls are really holding hands. I have some more hand pictures coming up!

Danielle - YES! I can only tell who is who in the outside pic by their shoes and/or hair.