Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crib Imagination

I took these pictures Monday night shortly after the girls feel asleep and before all hell broke loose.

Here's Allie asleep in her crib. She lined up all her dolls and animals and stacked all those books. She must have taken some books from Anna's crib after Anna fell asleep because she didn't start out with that many.

Here's Anna. She takes the minimalistic approach by keeping the dolls to a minimum. Sometimes she prefers to hold a book while falling asleep. She's our bookworm.

Here's Emily. Take note of the fact that she is sleeping sideways. As usual.

Do you see how all the dolls and animals are face down? That means that they are sleeping.


kdliberty said...

Too cute! They truly are developing there own unique personality.

His Mom said...

The cuteness factor just made my head explode. All of them face down? I just love them!

Pam said...

oh man. that is so freaking cute. the dolls, face down...eep!

Sarah said...

Many, many months ago, I took one of their dolls and said that she needed a nap and placed her face down in the crib (like she was sleeping on her tummy.) They picked up on that and have been doing it ever since. I think it is hysterical.