Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad week??

I suppose it wouldn't be right for me to label this week as a bad week. I've had bad weeks before and this really wasn't all that bad if you compare it to those weeks. In addition, we received good news regarding Anna, from a medical standpoint, so that automatically makes the week good.

After Anna's positive weight gain and blood work results at Monday's appointment, I was a little nervous about her appointment yesterday. For this exam, they inserted a catheter to fill her bladder to maximum capacity with radiation-tainted fluid. Sounds nice, right? I was reassured several times that there was only a tiny amount of radiation in there and that she would have no side effects from it. While her bladder was full, x-rays were scanned in order to determine whether any fluid was backing up (refluxing) into her right kidney. I relaxed when her urologist told us, "I have very good news for you today, my friends. There was no reflux to the kidneys."

Of course, Rich and I had a few questions but I forgot to ask an important one. I'm not sure if this means that her reflux is improving as she grows or what the chances are that it could reflux. We see this doctor every few months so I'll have to ask him at the next appointment.

We've been having a tough week around here in terms of sleep. The past four nights have seen someone up in the middle of the night requiring assistance. Last night it was Em again and the night before it was Anna.

When I ran into their room the other night after Anna started screaming, I left the door open. Anna sees the door open and points out into the hall, "Gammy." I told her that Grammy was sleeping. Well, she threw a little temper tantrum in her crib, yelling "No. Gammy." Well, how do you like that?

We thought a few weeks ago that we were close to reaching the point where the girls wouldn't cry at night after we put them down. We were getting so close and now it's like being back to a year ago. As I type this, the time is 8:48 and Rich is in their room because Anna basically screamed and cried for an hour. We can't get anything done because by the time they are actually asleep, we need to go to bed. It's hard to eat dinner because we have to listen to someone scream as we do. I know that they are teething but now that I've checked out their mouths, I don't think it's their two-year molars. This is ridiculous. Teething has never been this bad.

We all need a break from this teething thing.

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