Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunday - Part II

Could also be titled "Better Late Than Never."

Rich and I decided that it was warm enough on Sunday afternoon to allow the girls some outdoor yard play. I think this was their first time out in the yard since November.

As you can see from this photo of Allie, we stuffed the girls into those cream colored Gap sweatshirts that are size 6-12 months. The sweatshirts fit fine until we put the hoods on - they kind of couldn't move their heads around very well.

Em pointing to where we usually see deer.


Now you can see Allie in a pink hat. (We weren't going to torture them with the too tight hoods.) This was the beginning of the end. She was pointing to the neighbors' driveway, planning her escape.

Anna, again. I was impressed that all three took turns on the swing, which they really wouldn't do six months ago. I didn't strap them in because I knew that by the time I finished, they would want out. I would have to stoop over and push them back and forth.

Allie making her escape. (That's the neighbors' BIG GIRL swingset you see in the background.)

The Kangaroo Climber (which was free from one of Grammy's friends!) has become a new source of adventure. The girls thought it was fun to attempt to walk down the slide and the steps. And they like to slide down head first as well but when they reach the end of the slide, they act all girly and don't want to touch the grass.

I'll leave you with one last picture of Anna. This picture could be titled "The Reason Why We Need A Fence."


Nicole O'Dell said...

Beautiful pictures! They are getting so big!
What a nice big yard you have!

Kris said...

Some extra awesome pictures!!!
Loving the pony tail!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Nicole and Kris.

I've been working on my photography / editing skills.