Thursday, March 26, 2009

Speaking of...

For the past month, I've been meaning to post about the girls' new words. I can't even keep up anymore! Everyday there's a new word or phrase. When Early Intervention told us six months ago that the girls were a little behind in their words, I didn't fret. My motto was when they're ready to talk, they'll talk. And boy, do they talk now.

Here's a sampling of their language: (I'm sure I'm going to miss some words as there are so many of them.)

Dada, Mama or Mommy, Alya (for Allie), Anna, Em or Emmie, Gammy or Mimi (for Grammy), Papa, Pat, John, A P (for Auntie P), A Shue (for Aunt Sue), Gracie, Beth, Ro-Ro

The girls know their last name too!! It's funny because Rich's name is the Americanized version of a French name and when the girls say it, it sounds French. They'll go through all of our names and add the last name to it.

Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Mickey, Big Bird, Zoe, Cookie (for Cookie Monster), Ocar (for Oscar)

pizza, peas, cookie, ice cream, cake, toast, cheese, Kix, cracker

baby, mag (for magazine), lady, man, guy, ca-ca (for coloring)

duck, zebe (for zebra), puppy, meow, roar, bunny

door, chair, sit, car, house, home, work, cook, choo-choo (for train), walk, wock (for rock), book, read, boo-boo, plane, heart, tree, mine, okay, t.v., please, fix, circle, oval, one, two, three, star, hot

nose, mouth, hair, wet, dry, eyes, ears, knee, feet, toes, hands

hat, coat, pants, shirt, socks, shoes, gloves

Bless you (after someone sneezes!!), all done, all gone, uh-oh

They love singing and dancing to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" but all they can really say is the "how I" part (how I wonder what you are) so they'll sing, "how I, how I" over and over while dancing with each other. It is adorable.

And they are obsessed with the deer that eat in our yard. They are always looking out the windows saying, "deer, deer." Here's a picture that I took last month. You can see why they are always on the lookout.

They have also been putting words together for mini sentences. "I sit." "I read." "Mama sit." "Elmo sit." "Dada work choo-choo." "Dada cook."

It is amazingly scary how fast they have grown. I took some super cute pictures of them yesterday wearing their jeans. For some reason, certain outfits make them look like little kids. I know that they are toddlers now but sometimes they look like miniature versions of little kids. If that makes any sense at all! I'll try to post those pictures later. Later, in our house, means after the girls go to bed. That's usually the best and sometimes only time in which to complete a project. Although, Rich has requested that I work on our tax returns. Eeish.