Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Shark Week and some randomness

So, you know how the Discovery Channel, or whatever that channel is, has Shark Week every so often? For some unknown reason, Anna's medical appointments are always lumped together and it always makes me think of that week as our Shark Week. {Insert the theme music from Jaws here.} Next week, she has two appointments. In a few weeks, she has another two. In May, she is supposed to have her yearly Urodynamic Study. She is going to freak out for that one. And I don't blame her.

The appointments only bother me in that they bother Anna. She's still too young to understand what is going on and she FLIPS out. She FLIPPED out during that last ultrasound of her bladder. You would have thought that there was a needle on that ultrasound wand. Poor baby. She was crying so hard and she put her little arm in her mouth. I really don't like when she's upset. What parent does? So no, the coordination of schedules, the hours of sitting in waiting rooms, the travel - these don't bother me. It's Anna not yet comprehending that no one will hurt her.

Okay, change of subject now - enter the randomness portion of my title. Are we the only parents who don't encourage our little ones to play on the couch? You see, the girls can't really get onto the couch by themselves and when they are on the couch, they go crazy. They jump, they fall on each other, they run around. I'm afraid that one of them is going to take a nasty fall. We used to take the cushions off, put those in front of the couch and let them play up there but we had to put an end to that when they started hoisting themselves up onto the arms.

Apparently, in the past few weeks, Grammy has found Em on the couch twice when I haven't been home. She wasn't sitting nicely on the couch either - she was running back and forth. Then there was the time a few months ago when both Em and Allie managed to get up there when Grammy was here alone with them, catheterizing Anna so she couldn't help them down. I had their clean laundry folded on the back of the couch. You can imagine what they did with that.

Here's what I found Em doing yesterday.

As soon as they grow another inch or so, we are going to be in trouble.

And here's a cute picture from last night. The girls were all "sleeping."

Alright, I need to go to bed now. It's 9:45 and I'm exhausted. The girls didn't nap today. What are the chances that they'll sleep past 7:30 tomorrow morning?


Ellen said...

Hope they sleep 'til noon!! =;-}

Pam said...

oh anna. i can't imagine how hard that is for you to watch her in such distress. :(