Sunday, February 15, 2009

V Day and some other stuff

Rich and I enjoyed a romantic take-out dinner of Chinese food last night for Valentine's Day. (Insert sarcastic laugh here.) Those of you with little ones can understand the lack of babysitters, I'm sure. It can become quite difficult because we receive so much help from Grammy, Rich's sisters and sisters-in-law just so that we can work that we don't want to ask them for help for something frivolous like going out to dinner.

And before you ask, I really don't trust anyone but family to watch them AND with Anna's medical conditions, we really can't have just anyone watch them. Anna has to be catheterized on a schedule or she risks a kidney infection. And you have to be trained to cath her or you run the risk of infection. It's all good though. Staying home saves money plus I don't have to shower if I don't want to.

So here's a cute picture of the girls from yesterday. This was after I started The Wiggles for them. And don't worry, they only sat in that trance-like state for five minutes.

Here's a picture of the girls from Valentine's Day 2008. I can't believe how much they've grown. What I love about Valentine's Day is that I remember it being the day that Allie crawled for the first time. Do you see her there on the left? She was ready to take off.

I have made some changes to the blog. I felt like there were so many topics that I could and have discussed here that I needed to narrow the focus. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done this after a few months of blogging. I think you kind of have to jump into it and then figure out exactly what you want your goal to be. I've updated our story to be more serious (although, I did almost/kind of have a rock star boyfriend once) and included a link on the side bar to a slightly more detailed version. In addition, I've moved my digital scrapbooking projects and blog banners to a new blog with a link to that on my sidebar. I figure that there might be someone out there interested in that.

In January, I had wanted to start a photography 365 blog but I had too much going on. Rich and I continue to learn more about our camera and photography in general. I might start a half year 183 (I think that's correct) blog in July. I've returned to posting my pictures in high resolution again. (I was thinking of you, Amelia - wink, wink.) I feel that this site is more secure now. Sorry for the crappy low resolution pictures of the past.

Unfortunately, I don't feel that this is the forum to discuss Abbey and all that has happened and continues to happen as a result of her death. It's a shame and I don't want to get into specifics now. Her story will be told someday. I promise.

I'll end this post with a funny story. I didn't realize until later this morning that I blew up my sitemeter account yesterday while redesigning the blog. So when I went in this morning, no visitors were listed from last night to this morning. I thought everyone was mad at me for my confessions post. I was thinking, "Wow, those blog readers are a tough crowd!" Then I realized what I had done. Oops.


Hope's Mama said...

Even though you wont post about Abigail anymore (which is obviously the thing we have in common), I hope you don't mind if I continue to read along. Because I still find your story amazing and inspirational. And the triplets are just so adorable.

kdliberty said...

I love your blog (even without Abby). I know you are still mourning Abby and trying to come to grip with her loss.You probably will always mourn her and little things will remind you of her loss. I will miss her on your blog. However, I understand why you are taking her off. -KD

Sarah said...

Sally - please keep reading. I would be upset if I lost you.

Thanks KD.

Someday everyone will understand. It's just going to take awhile.

The Beers Family said...

Thanks for posting what and when you can. I find comfort in other mothers like myself (although I only have 1) who are trying to make it work - home, work, marriage. I too have found it hard to blog every day so I do it when the mood strikes. BTW - Your girls are beautiful!