Sunday, February 1, 2009

Typical (in our house) Crying

Saturday evening.

7:25 pm - All three girls scream and cry hysterically as Rich and I leave their room for the night. It's bedtime, my little lovies.

7:55 pm - I hear some banging and then Anna starts crying. All three had been "playing" somewhat nicely after the initial cry-fest. I'm concerned that Anna may have fallen in her crib so I trek upstairs to investigate.

7:57 pm - I leave their room again after concluding that Anna is simply overtired and wants to fall asleep.

8:05 pm - Anna has been crying hysterically nonstop since I left their room so I head back upstairs. She agrees to lie down and lets me rub her back. Her eyes are closing then opening. She's drifting. Allie and Em keep waving and saying, "bye-byes." Em finds the situation funny and keeps pointing at me and giggling.

8:08 pm - I leave their room again, even though Anna starts crying the moment I step away from the crib. She stops after another seven minutes.

8:30 pm - Ah, the sweet sound of sleep over the monitor. Rich and I sit down to eat dinner.

3:56 am - Crying. Allie. (Yes, the girls each have their own distinctive cry.) I wait a few moments. The crying continues. Instead of asking Rich to go in there, I do. Allie is standing up, leaning over into Em's crib trying to reach a doll. I hand her the doll and she says, "bye-byes," as she tucks the doll under her arm and falls down into her sleeping spot. There is a doll and an Elmo in her crib so I'm baffled as to how she decided that she needed THAT doll.

4:53 am - I hear a baby talking. WHAT? I realize that I've just fallen back asleep after the Allie/doll incident. I hear another baby cry out. I hold my breath until I'm sure the silence will continue. Someone must have been talking in her sleep.

7:36 am - Anna is SCREAMING. Looks like we're up for the day!


Nicole O'Dell said...

At least they don't all start crying at different times, right?


His Mom said...

I cannot imagine. We just have my one and enough scenes like this play out, I can only shake my head at what it must be like with two others!

FrenznickFive said...

that sounds like our bedtime routine! my girls share a room and my son has his own but the girls go crazy, laugh, talk, scream, cry, jump, sometimes for over an hour its CRAZY most nights!