Thursday, February 26, 2009


I just had to post this picture of Allie from a few weeks ago. Look at her! She's really posing. Does she not look like a baby model? (Her hair is a mess though.)

For the most part, the girls love posing for pictures. They also LOVE looking at the pictures after (and messing around with the buttons on the camera.) Here was my attempt the other day at a picture of all three before we left for the store. Anna decided to take off and Em is sitting back too far which makes her look so much smaller than Allie. (They are actually the same exact height!)

Rich brings Anna back over. She decides to be a crazy baby and not cooperate.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Sooo cute!

Have you thought about modeling?

Sarah said...

We have but I have no idea how we would do it. I can't see Grammy driving the girls around. I wouldn't want to torture her any more than we do now!