Thursday, February 12, 2009

Logistics and More Anna Updates

With three young ones and two full-time working parents, Rich and I usually have to be precise with planning. When at all possible, we have Molly, my sister-in-law, watch Em and Allie while Grammy, Rich and I bring Anna to her big appointments in the city. After the appointment, Rich and I hop on the subway and arrive at work a short time later. That leaves the car for Grammy to drive home with Anna.

Today marked rounds two and three of Medical Week for Anna. Unfortunately, Molly wasn't available so we had two options. Option 1 was for Rich, Grammy and I to bring all three girls to Anna's appointments. Rich and I would then take the subway to the office while Grammy drove all three girls, who are still in rear-facing carseats home. By herself. In a minivan she's not really all that used to driving. Option 2 was for Rich and I to take Anna to her appointments. Rich would then take the subway to work and I would drive Anna home. If I arrived home in time, I would catch the 12:00 commuter train to the city and work the afternoon. Rich took off Monday morning for Anna's pediatrician appointment so I agreed to take time off from work for today's appointments. We are trying to alternate who takes time off.

We decided on Option 2 but I let work know that if I didn't arrive home in time, I would have to take the whole day off. Today was considered "comp time" because I worked the last holiday.

Traffic was HORRIBLE this morning. It took us an hour and a half to drive to the hospital. We arrived at the office about ten minutes late but that didn't really matter seeing as all appointments were extremely late. We left the house at 8:00 am and Anna and I didn't pull into our driveway until 2:10. Six hours later! All of that for a kidney/bladder ultrasound and a check-in with the urologist.

Operation Fat Baby was not looking too good as I was feeding Anna Cheerios and apple juice for lunch in the waiting room. After her nap in the van, she had a great lunch of carrots, peas and TWO slices of Elio's pizza. TWO. My little baby wanted pizza so I gave her pizza.

The good news from today was that Anna's urologist says that her hernia repair looks good and he was satisfied with the ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder. The bad news relates to the CT scan of her head from back in December. This hospital operates on the "we will only call you if something is wrong" policy. So basically, we never heard anything from the neurosurgeon. The urologist looked up the report after he asked us for the results and we didn't have them.

All I know is that I saw "interval increase in ventricle" on the computer. The urologist tells us that the report states that her ventricles increased from her last CT scan and we should check in with the neurosurgeon. As far as I know, her last scan was when she was in the NICU. So now we have something else to add to our Anna list. I don't even want to think about her having brain surgery again.

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Hope's Mama said...

Sarah you're incredible. Anna is in my thoughts. Brave little girl.