Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little bit about the video

Rich and I ended up posting that video last night only because we were testing it and it happened to work! Basically, I can't edit videos on my laptop and Rich has been trying to figure out how to do so on his computer. Because he was just messing around, we ended up with that clip.

Anna is the baby looking at the books and Allie is the one dancing. If you've made your way here because you've searched the internet for spina bifida, you can see Anna walking on her own. When she was diagnosed in utero with spina bifida, we were told that because the very end of her spine didn't close that she may be able to walk with assistance. And here she is today, walking on her own. She's a little unsteady and she falls quite often but she's walking.

When Rich showed me this clip, I asked him where Em was. He said that she was on the couch with me. I thought that this was a recent video, perhaps one he had taken while I was at work on Monday. Rich tells me that it was sometime after Christmas. I told him that I don't remember it - although, I do see that I am on the couch. Rich responded with, "Quite frankly, I don't remember it either."

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