Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I was Octupletized!

In an effort to get the girls out of the house, Rich and I dragged them to the grocery store on Sunday. Here is a cute picture of two pumpkins waiting for van load-up.

While shopping, we received our fair share of "Twins? Triplets? All girls? Identical?" comments. The woman at the deli LOVED seeing "the triplets" again and a little girl named, Alexa, chatted with us. The girls have been on house lock-down for so long, they're not really sure of how to socialize with other little kids so they just stare at them.

I was in Frozen Foods checking out the sale of Breyers ice cream with Allie and Em when the real fun started. Some woman was talking with an employee (a guy) stocking the freezers. She thought the girls were twins. When I replied, "No. Triplets actually," she started looking around as if I didn't realize that #3 was missing. I told them that "the third one" was with my husband. The guy asked, "Are ya sure there's three of 'em?" Duh!

Then the guy asked, "Are you going for eight the next time?" The woman gasped in shock. I opened my mouth to say, "No. I didn't do IVF," but stopped and just said, "No." Then they both started talking about the crazy octuplet story - blah, blah. I was more interested in whether or not I could find any cookie dough ice cream. Rich then came around the corner with Anna and the party broke up. Thankfully.

Be sure to check out the Valentine's Day merchandise on sale. I picked up a bag of 30 mini-tubs of Play-Dough for $1.99.


kate said...

Octuplets, blah, don't get me started.

I love the pictures of your girls!! They make me smile.

I am sorry you are not talking about Abbey anymore here, but i do understand. I did remove your blog from the Directory, but just email us if you want to be re-added at a later time. I will keep visiting here -- as long as you keep posting such cute pictures!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Kate. I was going to email you to ask you to remove. When I start again, I'll let you know. I put that little blurb on my sidebar b/c I would hate for someone to come here searching and not find anything. Abbey will make appearances here and there - I hope ;)

meagan said...

My MIL had two of my boys in a stroller at the grocery store and someone asked *her* if she was going for 8 the next time!

Lessons: People are rude, and don't take your triplets to the freezer aisle!

kdliberty said...

I learned long ago how annoying some of the comments people say about multiples can be. All thanks to a honest good friend of my Grandmother's. She had healthy ggb (girls were identical) triplets in the early 1960's. They always drew attention every were she went. She learned early on to tell people she had 2 daughters and a son. She tried not to tell people she had triplets if she could help it. BTW, she said her triplets were the best thing that ever happened to her!

Anonymous said...

FYI, the objective of IVF is to get pregnant with ONE baby not octuplets. It sounds as though from this post and others I have read of yours that you really have an issue with women that have had to go do IVF or any fertility treatments for that matter. I hope that is not the case.

kdliberty said...


FYI- Sarah was raised Catholic. Catholics do not believe in several advanced infertility treatments especially IVF. This is a strong religious belief that I respect and understand. I am not even Catholic either...

Sarah said...

Anne - I do not have a problem with women who have used IVF or other treatments to have their babies. I actually have great respect for women who have had to undergo these treatments as I know from close friends that it is very emotional.

You misunderstood my post in that I decided not to give this guy a lesson in infertility treatments as he was obviously clueless.

I sometimes discuss spontaneous versus fertility treatments b/c over the past 2 years I have come to find that most of the general public automatically assume that a woman with triplets has had IVF, etc. You'd be amazed that there are some people out there who don't know that spontaneous triplets can happen.

And yes, I was raised Catholic although I don't think that has affected my views.

Anonymous said...

As you may have guessed I have triplets too and mine are not spontaneous they are the result of my 5th IVF. My husband and I went through 4 very emotionally exhausting and financially draining years of trying to have ONE baby. I too hate it when people ask me if my kids are IVF babies. As if IVF babies aren't as special as spontaneous babies. IMO, all babies are miracles spontaneous or not. So Sarah thank you for your response to my comment. And kdliberty, go fly a kite! :)