Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Boogie Machine

The girls all came down with colds. Ugh. Anna's started a week ago with just a stuffy nose. She never had any visible snot but because her little voice sounded different, I suspect it was just draining down her throat. She was running a slight fever as well. I'm POSITIVE she picked up some germ at her three-hour-hospital-wait-for-a-two-minute-appointment the week before. We are extremely lucky though in that the girls really haven't been sick. This is only their second cold ever. No ear infections. No strep throat. No stomach bugs.

Allie and Em had runny noses all weekend so I pulled out the good ole bulb syringe. Allie actually let me clear her nose with it. I called it the boogie machine. She was just so cute. She would run in place and rub her little nose after I pulled the snot out. Em, of course, wanted nothing to do with it and freaked out if she saw me coming at her with it. Anna feigned interest a few times but if I tried to get near her, she took off.

And whoever said that moms don't get sick days didn't have a Grammy helping out! Well, it was really a sick morning. Not a full sick day.

Here are some super cute pictures of the girls with some new hats from Auntie Joan. The hats are size 24 months and supposed to be for next year if their heads stop growing. Allie's weight is in the 5th percentile but her head is in the 75th. (And yes, the tags are still on the hats.)

Allie and Anna


If you have a Nikon digital SLR with the "child" auto setting, try it out. I used it for the above photos.


Kris said...

Cute cute cute!!!!
I don't have that camera, but have to ask, does it catch them when they are moving? We have dozens and dozens of pictures of our little ones ... arm, ear, back of head ....blur blur blur.

p.s. Rite Aide sells "boogie wipes", cracks me up everytime I see them. ;)
Hope you all feel better soon!!

Sarah said...

Kris - our camera does a good job. Of course, the girls do like to pose here and there - that helps.

We are feeling better - although, the boogie machine pulled a bunch of snot from Allie's nose tonight before bed...yuck.