Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Proofing 101

On Sunday, the girls were running around the first floor right before lunch. They like to go up to certain items such as coats, bags and shoes and identify them as "Mama" or "Dada" and they are always correct. Anna was in front of the bag I use for commuting back and forth from work pointing and saying, "Mama." I forget what I was doing but I when I turned back, I saw this:

Yes, Anna holding a bottle of Motrin from my bag.

Here's what happened after I took the above picture:

Yes, Allie ripping the bottle right out of Anna's hands and running away with it.

Not on camera is ME ripping it from Allie's hands and zipping it up in my bag.


Kris said...

Wait until they find GUM!!!
(and yes, peanutbutter does work for hair ~ better than ice!)

Nicole O'Dell said...

LOL baby proofing your purse, eh?

Emily and Drew said...

Do your girls try to get the outlet covers off yet? I, stupidly, have pulled them out to plug in the vacuum so now my 18 month old tries to pull them out for me everytime he sees the vacuum which is often with 4 dogs.

The girls are precious, especially Emily because she has a great name.


Sarah said...

Hi Emily - No, they haven't messed with the outlet covers yet. We must have great covers (or for now I will think that) b/c I can barely get them off.

Kris - thankfully, we are not big gum chewers here!