Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moving the cribs around

Rich and I decided to take full advantage of the girls sharing a room and moved their cribs around. Again. They seem to find comfort with each other so we thought that this might be a good idea.

I think that it has helped out a bit. They've been passing books back and forth to each other at bedtime. Although when I checked on them the other night, Emily had zero books in her crib and Anna had ten.
Anna seemed to be having a hard time last night right after we put them in bed. Rich went in to hang out with them for awhile and they all calmed down. About 15 minutes later, Emily started screaming. It was a scream of pain and panic. Rich went running up there only to find that her beloved Little Lion had fallen into Allie's crib. She had her arm through the slats desperately trying to reach him. Allie was sitting there reading a book oblivious to the whole situation. I did say that they find "some" comfort in each other. Only some.


Ellen said...

So glad that Anna is improving evry day!! Love the new header for the Blog!!

Sarah said...

Thanks Aunt Ellen! Anna decided to pitch a fit instead of sleeping so Grammy is up there now while I "cook" dinner.