Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lots of pics. And a good Anna update.

Anna's Early Invention therapist called me this afternoon to talk about Anna's progress. She does this periodically as I "have" to work and can't be physically present during Anna's sessions. I should note that where I work and where I live are lands far, far away and quick commuting between the two is impossible. I would need to take the day off from work.

Back to the story - her therapist wanted to communicate that Anna is progressing nicely. She is still behind with her speaking so it was suggested that we keep a written list of her vocabulary. Everytime she says a word (without us asking her to or her just repeating it), we need to note it. I got one tonight. "That." Which really sounds like "tdhatd." She said that about 30 times. And she did say or attempt to say "Momma" as we were all going upstairs. Although Allie and Em were saying it so I don't know if that counts.

Anna is a little bit unsteady on her feet and with her balance but that's to be expected. So far, everyone is happy with her progress. I felt like such a proud momma when her therapist told me that Anna is such a delight to work with along with the other two, who make themselves a part of her sessions.

Okay - moving onto pictures.

Here's my attempt at styling Allie's hair into baby pony tails. It ALMOST worked.

And here's a cute one of the girls from a few nights ago. They all sat down next to each other with their books. Without any prompting or bribing or staging.

Emily and Allie. This lasted for all of 30 seconds before Em started crying. I don't know if Allie was crushing her or if she was just plain angry at having to share. Yet again.

And here are my crazy babies after dinner last night.
Anna was quite happy with her share of the Klondike bar.

Love the 'stache, Em!

And Allie. Who decided to style her hair with food.

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