Friday, December 26, 2008

I was one of THOSE moms.

Without much thought yesterday, I dressed the girls in these cute matching overall outfits:

(For those of you who can't distinguish one from the other, that's Anna.)

The holiday outfits that I purchased for their holiday photo shoot are WAY too big and I wasn't going to force them to play in skirts that wouldn't stay up and button down shirts that made them look like waitresses.

I really hadn't given the whole baby clothing thing much thought yesterday until my brother and sister-in-law showed up with their two girls wearing nice holiday outfits.

Here's Emily with Gracie:

(I know - SO CUTE!)

I suddenly realized that I was one of "those moms." You know, the ones that let their kids wear jeans when all the other kids are wearing dresses, tights and uncomfortable shoes. I really never thought that I sway over to "that" side - especially after having little girls. But I did.

Did any of you experience this growing up? I remember having to wear nice dresses on holidays to go to church and even to family holiday gatherings. I specifically remember one Easter having to wear my Easter clothes to my grandmother's house only to find that my two older cousins had already been allowed to change into play clothes. I don't ever remember my mom letting us change clothes.

Yesterday, by the end of the night, all the cousins were dressed in their jammies and Beth (yes, she's only three years old) suggested that we take a picture of them all together. She does this with her other cousins.

Emily, Anna, Gracie, Beth and Allie.

I'll have to save my post about Christmas day for later. For now, it appears that Rich and I are two of the handful of losers that had to go to work today.


Pam said...

well, i left the boys in their christmas jammies all day yesterday. i guess considering the circumstances, that was okay.

at least the girls are in cute jean outfits...

Kris said...

Two things I swore that "when I grow up" I would not do, Force my children into itchy scratchy outfits and have "guest" towels. Corrie would wear pretty things, but I always brought a pair of "dress up" sweats too!!! I think that makes us the smart moms :)

Sarah said...

Pam - if what happened to you had happened to me, I would have been in my jammies all day.

Kris- we don't have guest towels - lol. love the pic - backyard?

Kris said...

Yes, but I will be honest, it was from last year :) My camera broke Thanksgiving so I cheated.

New one for Christmas, so let it snow!!

Hope's Mama said...

I most certainly can't tell them apart! But they are all just adorable!!!